COVID-19’s Origins: Why You Should Not Believe the WHO

It is scandalous that respectable international media are taking Ben Embarek seriously. Not only did he visit a possible crime scene more than one year after the crime was suspected to have occurred, he asked the suspect whether s/he committed the crime, and accepted “no” for an answer.

Interview: 'The West . . . is Dealing With a Murderous Regime'

Liao Yiwu: On June 4, 1989, they used an old-fashioned method to suppress the protests, sending in more than 200,000 regular troops, tanks, and armored cars to attack civilians. Hong Kong had the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration … and is a cosmopolitan city. But a key factor is terrain. It’s harder to send in large columns of tanks, and it would take far longer to carry out such a massacre in Hong Kong.