EU Parliament Says China Deal Threatens EU Credibility on Human Rights

The EU legislature also “regrets the fact that, by rushing to reach this agreement while not taking concrete action against ongoing grave human right violations, for example in Hong Kong, Xinjiang province and Tibet, the EU risks undermining its credibility as a global human rights actor.”

China Is Biggest Long-Term Threat to Britain, Says UK Spy Chief

Russia currently poses the biggest state-based threat to Britain, but China will become more dangerous in the future, Ken McCallum told reporters in London in his first public remarks as the new head of MI5. He said Russia was delivering “bursts of bad weather,” while Beijing is “changing the climate.”

London, UK: Student Renounces the Chinese Communist Party

“I did not dare to believe the information initially when I read it,” she said. “Because when I was in China, I felt everything was all right. What I was told is that there was no new China without the CCP. But, I heard otherwise when I came abroad.”

Heiko Maas, Nathan Law is More Important Than Wang Yi

President of the Czech Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, led an 89-member delegation to visit Taiwan, following which Wang Yi threatened to make him “pay a heavy price.” Maas said that “threats don’t fit in here,” pledging Germany’s solidarity and cooperation with the Czech Republic.

Germany Suspends Extradition Pact With Hong Kong

“The decision by the Hong Kong Government to disqualify 12 opposition candidates and to postpone the elections to the Legislative Council represents a further infringement of the rights of Hong Kong’s citizens,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Friday.

Huawei to be Removed From UK 5G Network by 2027

<!–[CDATA[ Mary Clark | New Tang Dynasty UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has banned Huawei from further input into the UK’s telecoms infrastructure by the end of 2020, and set a deadline of 2027 for the stripping out of existing kit from the country’s 5G network, it was announced in Parliament today. The reversal has come amid fears of […]

Defeating Huawei: Developing Solid Alternatives to 5G

<!–[CDATA[ VISION TIMES Huawei is the world leader when it comes to 5G equipment. The company’s move to expand 5G into the West has rung alarm bells in the U.S. and Europe. The Trump administration has banned the use of Huawei equipment in government departments citing security concerns. However, the challenge posed by Huawei 5G […]