The Chinese Communist Party’s Deep Infiltration into Social Media and News Media in the Free World

These hacked accounts were used to spread propaganda and disinformation about the coronavirus outbreak, the Hong Kong protests, and other topics of interest to the CCP. The owners of these hijacked accounts came from all walks of life. “They included a professor in North Carolina; a graphic artist and a mother in Massachusetts; a web designer in the U.K.; and a business analyst in Australia,”

China Using Twitter to Frame COVID-19 Narrative

VISION TIMES The Chinese communist party always maintains a strict censorship policy when it comes to its country. However, the communist regime shamelessly uses the very tools that are banned in China to spread its propaganda overseas. The case in point is Twitter. This website is banned in China, but Beijing is currently using the […]

US-China Tensions Rise as Beijing Signals Tightening Controls on Hong Kong

<!–[CDATA[  Lin Yang,  Nike Ching,  Yi-Hua Lee, and Tina Chung | Voice of America China’s decision to propose new legislation tightening control over Hong Kong has sparked a wave of condemnation from American lawmakers and officials, in yet another sign of worsening relations between the economic superpowers. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a statement Friday saying he “condemns” […]

Shanghai Police Hold Lawyer-Turned-Blogger Who Reported From Wuhan

Qiao Long and Wong Lok-to | Radio Free Asia Police from Shanghai have detained a lawyer-turned-citizen journalist who reported on the emerging coronavirus epidemic in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. Zhang Zhan, who lives in Shanghai but who traveled to Wuhan in early February, was taken away from Wuhan’s Caiguang Hotel near Hankou railway […]

'Don't Forget Chen Qiushi,' Friend of Chinese Journalist Says

 Xiao Yu,  Lin Yang | Voice of America A friend of Chen Qiushi, who reported on Hong Kong democracy protests and COVID-19 before going missing February 6, has urged the world to not forget the citizen journalist’s plight. Chen had been reporting on the epidemic from Wuhan, and uploading videos to YouTube and Twitter, which are […]

Growing Calls for China to Release Rights Lawyer from Compulsory Quarantine

 Joyce Huang | Voice of America One day after his release from prison, Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang told friends that he is being watched by state agents — fueling calls at home and abroad for China to stop using the pandemic as an excuse to extend his incarceration.    The European Union said, in a press […]