Analysts: Extradition Treaty Between Turkey, China Endangers Uyghur Refugees

Ekrem told VOA the extradition treaty tilts largely in favor of China, where capital punishment is applied. He said Uyghur refugees who are at risk of a death sentence if they return to China are particularly made vulnerable by the treaty, which makes no stipulation that those who are facing the death penalty there cannot be extradited.

Uyghurs in Saudi Arabia Flee to Turkey As Chinese Embassy Ends Passport Renewals

<!–[CDATA[ Erkin and Jilil Kashgary | Radio Free Asia Ethnic Uyghurs of Chinese nationality in Saudi Arabia are increasingly seeking asylum in Turkey amid a policy by Beijing to stop renewing their passports, which rights groups say is part of a bid to force them to return home, where they face persecution and detention. Earlier […]

Uyghur Mother, Daughters Deported to China From Turkey

Jilil Kashgary and Erkin Emet | Radio Free Asia At least three ethnic Uyghurs have recently been deported to China from Turkey via Tajikistan, according to sources, and now face persecution from authorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR). Zinnetgul Tursun and her two toddler daughters, Hilal Shehinur and Banu Abdullah, were first sent […]

China Spiriting Uyghur Detainees Away From Xinjiang to Prisons in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan

Shohret Hoshur | Radio Free Asia Ethnic Uyghurs held in political “re-education camps” in northwest China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region (XUAR) are being sent to prisons in Inner Mongolia and Sichuan province, officials have confirmed, adding to the growing list of locations detainees are being secretly transferred to. In October last year, RFA’s Uyghur Service reported […]

New Report Details Global Impact of Grassroots Movement to Quit Chinese Communist Party

ANNIE WU  |  EPOCH TIMES It all began with a book. Since then, hundreds of millions have been inspired, fueling the largest grassroots movement in China since the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests in 1989. Back in November 2004, the Chinese-language Epoch Times published an unprecedented editorial series, “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party,” that explained […]

China: The Global Leader in Political Prisoners

Arch Puddington  |  Freedom House Beijing is a trendsetter on a number of issues, but this one is nothing to be proud of. According to Xi Jinping, China is ready for global leadership. In a major speech last October, the Communist Party leader declared that “China champions the development of a community with a shared […]

China’s Uyghurs Who Escaped Abroad Are Being Targeted by Chinese Spies, Report Says

Paul Huang  |  Epoch Times A report says that Uyghurs, the Muslim ethnic people in China’s Xinjiang region that has been among China’s most heavily persecuted minority groups, are being spied upon by Chinese regime’s intelligence services even after they’ve escaped China and sought asylum overseas. The report comes at a time when the United […]

China Sees Trade Summit Raising Global Status, Others See Missed Opportunities

William Ide and Saibal Dasgupta  |  Voice of America BEIJING — As China hails the success of its first Belt and Road summit, major powers remain skeptical about the $1 trillion-dollar infrastructure and trade project. Analysts say while the ambitious plan has whet the appetite of developing nations, China missed an opportunity to get developed countries on board. […]

Thailand Expels Nearly 100 Uyghurs to Uncertain Fate in China

Paul Eckert  |  Radio Free Asia [caption id="attachment_3676" align="alignleft" width="300"] Turks angered by the deportation of Uyghurs to China protest outside the Chinese embassy in Ankara, July 9, 2015 (RFA)[/caption] Thailand said on Thursday it had forcibly repatriated nearly 100 Uyghurs to China, a move that drew criticism from human rights groups and protests in […]