Harvard Chinese Scholar Pleads Guilty to Stealing Biological Samples

According to court documents, officers at Boston Airport Customs had marked Zheng as a high-risk person for smuggling biological materials. In December 2019, before he boarded a Chinese flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport to Beijing, Zheng was seized by customs officials with medical research samples in his suitcase.

Human Rights Groups Urge IOC to Block China From Hosting Olympics

VISION TIMES Several human rights groups have written a joint letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) asking them to block China from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics due to the country’s gross human rights violations. Beijing is looking forward to hosting the event as a way to showcase to the world how technologically advanced and socially […]

WeChat and TikTok Banned

Citing national security concerns, President Trump issued an executive order (EO) on August 6, 2020, to prohibit any U.S. company or person from transacting with ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok and messaging app WeChat.