Detention of Australian Journalist Further Exposes China’s Secretive Jail System

“Once inside, you must, by law, be kept in solitary confinement. Many detainees remain inside a suicide-padded cell for the full six months — some without ever seeing sunlight and without the lights ever being turned off. For China’s police, it’s the ultimate weapon, and once inside there is no supervision nor any forms of appeal.”

The Axis of Shame, July 2020: The Countries That Supported China on Hong Kong

BITTER WINTER On July 1, 53 countries (including China) signed a resolution introduced by Cuba at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in Geneva praising China for the passing of the Hong Kong National Security Law. The list of those that became part to this new Axis of Shame (a label Bitter Winter originally created for those supporting Chinese […]

Sweden to Shutter Last Confucius Teaching Program Amid Souring Ties

<!–[CDATA[ Gao Feng | RADIO FREE ASIA Authorities in Sweden are to close down the last Confucius classroom run by a branch of the ruling Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, making the country the first in Europe to shut down a key area of China’s soft power, according to media reports. Sweden’s Radio Kaliber reported that the Confucius […]

China Cracking Down on Those Critical of COVID-19 Response

 Xiao Yu, Si Yang | Voice of America WASHINGTON – It was a familiar phone number, from secret police officer Sun.   “Where are you? Send me a GPS location,” said Sun, a member of the guobao, an arm of China’s domestic security force tasked with monitoring dissidents and keeping them in line, said.  Gao Fei, 32, a native of Huanggang, Hubei province, was a welder in Guangdong province. He got in trouble and met Sun in 2014 for participating in human rights activities.   Gao has […]

Coronavirus Update: China Increasingly Isolated as Countries Scramble to Contain Spread

VISION TIMES The coronavirus outbreak has killed at least 362 people globally, according to Chinese and World Health Organization (WHO) data. At this writing, Chinese officials reported a surge in new cases where the death toll rose to at least 361 with nearly 3,000 new cases recorded in the country in the past 24 hours, raising the number […]

A New Document War at the UN: The Free World vs China on Xinjiang

MASSIMO INTROVIGNE | BITTER VINTER Led by Britain, 23 countries denounce the mass detention of Uyghurs. China mobilizes its usual Axis of Shame to react. Sadly, a few European countries, including Italy, did not sign the critical document. Again, the United Nations, this time at the General Assembly, witnessed a war of documents about the horrific transformation […]

Concerns Grow For Taiwan Activist Serving Jail Term in China

Ng Yik-tung, Sing Man and Han Jie | Radio Free Asia Two years after his initial ‘disappearance’ on March 19, 2017, Taiwan rights activist Lee Ming-cheh has endured ill-treatment and is suffering declining health in prison, a rights group says. “Since then, Lee has endured ill-treatment and deteriorating health; according to his wife … he has lost 30 […]

Chinese State TV Under Fire Over ‘Forced Confessions’

 JOHN SMITHIES | EPOCH TIMES LONDON—Chinese state television channel CCTV is under fire for broadcasting what campaigners call “clear lies” in the UK, and it could face similar charges in the United States. Human rights NGO Safeguard Defenders has written to British broadcasting regulator Ofcom about numerous so-called “forced confession” broadcasts on China Central Television (CCTV) and […]