120 Days in Secret Detention in China

It was all so confusing. I spent the New Year’s Day in handcuffs, and since I was released and even during the spring festival holidays, the Guobao (国保, Domestic Security Division of public security) had a special vehicle detail to follow me. They knew all my movements, so why did they need to ask me which people I’d met and what I was doing? All my activity was known to them already.

Sweden to Shutter Last Confucius Teaching Program Amid Souring Ties

<!–[CDATA[ Gao Feng | RADIO FREE ASIA Authorities in Sweden are to close down the last Confucius classroom run by a branch of the ruling Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, making the country the first in Europe to shut down a key area of China’s soft power, according to media reports. Sweden’s Radio Kaliber reported that the Confucius […]

Concerns Grow For Taiwan Activist Serving Jail Term in China

Ng Yik-tung, Sing Man and Han Jie | Radio Free Asia Two years after his initial ‘disappearance’ on March 19, 2017, Taiwan rights activist Lee Ming-cheh has endured ill-treatment and is suffering declining health in prison, a rights group says. “Since then, Lee has endured ill-treatment and deteriorating health; according to his wife … he has lost 30 […]

New Report Claims China’s Confucius Institutes Threaten Academic Freedoms and Calls for a Review of all Current Agreements in the UK

CONSERVATIVE PARTY HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION The Conservative Party Human Rights Commission has launched a new report on China’s Confucius Institutes, which calls for a review of all agreements between British institutions and the Confucius Institutes, concluding that these educational and cultural centres embedded in universities and schools around the world represent an extension of the […]

Chinese Embassy in Sweden Denies Secretly Trying to Silence Daughter of a Detained Bookseller

Kris Cheng  |  Hong Kong Free Press China has denied contacting the daughter of detained Swedish national and former Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai in an effort to stop her talking to the press. In a report published last Sunday, Angela Gui told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper that she was contacted by an unidentified person who promised her a visit with […]

Stockholm, Sweden: Tourists Condemn Brutality in China

He Ping  |  Minghui As the holiday season approaches, the public square of Mynttorget and its adjacent Royal Palace in Stockholm are once again bustling with tourists. Falun Dafa practitioners held activities there on December 2 to tell them about the practice and the ongoing suppression in China. Many tourists stopped to learn more, including some […]

Stockholm University to Close Confucius Institute

Epoch Times [caption id="attachment_2023" align="alignleft" width="423"] A screenshot from a video that had been hosted on the Confucius Institute Online website, working to spread Communist Party propaganda. (Epoch Times)[/caption] The 10-year-old Confucius Institute at Sweden’s Stockholm University is slated to be closed down this June, according to a statement by the university on Dec. 20. […]