RSF Report: “China’s Pursuit of a New World Media Order”

China, ranked 177 out of 180 in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), is expanding its hold beyond its borders to impose its “ideologically correct” vocabulary, to deter any criticism of itself and to cover up the darker chapters in its history.

Concerns Grow Over Chinese Political, Media Influence Far Beyond Its Borders

Jia Ao, Lin Ping, and Wen Yuqing  |  Radio Free Asia The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is increasingly making its influence felt in European and North American countries, through the “manipulation of information and foreign institutions,” U.S. politicians and commentators have warned. In a letter to senior officials in President Donald Trump’s administration, 12 U.S. […]

Chinese State Media Panned for Airing Forced Confessions

Joyce Huang  |  Voice of America A human rights group has released a lengthy report detailing, among other things, 45 high-profile forced confessions that were aired on Chinese media since Xi Jinping became China’s top leader in 2013. In a 106-page report entitled Scripted and Staged: Behind the Scenes of China’s Forced TV Confessions, Safeguard […]

China’s Global Infiltration Campaign Exposed

Paul Huang  |  Epoch Times The Chinese regime’s decadeslong attempt to influence the politics of other nations may have run into a roadblock in the year 2017. From Australia to the United States, countries around the world have begun awakening to the painful realization that the doors they willingly opened to China for trade and […]

Future of Hollywood–China Relationship in Question

Sarah Le  |  Epoch Times Censorship, capital restrictions, and ‘socialist core values’ mar US–China film deals LOS ANGELES—With the recent lackluster performance of the biggest U.S.–China film coproduction in history and the collapse of two major deals, Hollywood’s relationship with China is facing uncertainty. The fantasy epic “The Great Wall,” coproduced by studios including Universal Pictures […]

China’s Battered Journalists Discuss Truth Seeking and Curiosity in Modern China

Epoch Times The following is an abridged translation of a recent lament about the status of truth and truth-seeking in contemporary China that went viral in late February. It was written by the WeChat user “youyouluming99,” whose real identity is unknown. — Epoch Times translation team At a gathering of about 20 former media workers, […]

Chinese Activist Monk Missing After Release on ‘Bail’

Qiao Long and Xin Lin  |  Radio Free Asia A prominent Buddhist monk and rights activist has disappeared after being held under round-the-clock police surveillance following his release from detention on subversion charges last month. Lin Bin, also known by his religious name Monk Wang Yun, is incommunicado, presumed detained, a fellow activist told RFA. […]

Political Rivalry in China – “Should the State Media Be Loyal to the Party?”

Nathan Lee  |  Chinascope The Preface and Part 1 of this series explained that former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Jiang Zemin left two legacies to China: a system of corruption and the persecution of Falun Gong. To prevent being charged and held accountable, Jiang and his followers tried to hold onto their power after […]