The Shadow of Communism Behind the U.S. Election

The deaths caused by communist regimes makes communism the greatest catastrophe in human history,” wrote a November 2016 Wall Street Journal article titled “100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead.”

Taiwan and Japan: Elected Officials Support Withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party

 Lee Hui-jung | Minghui Over 340 million Chinese have quit their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. Elected officials in other parts of Asia have openly supported the movement, including legislator Wang Ding-yu in Taiwan, who called on Chinese people to join the wave of withdrawals from the CCP. Wang […]

Two Parades in Hong Kong This Sunday Have a Direct Message for Beijing

 FRANK FANG | EPOCH TIMES Two groups are set to take to the streets of Hong Kong this Sunday. Although marching for different causes, both groups have a message directed at Beijing who they are intent on hearing their demands. Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), the main opposition group behind the ongoing protests against Hong Kong’s controversial […]

Chinese Youth Calling Themselves Dirt-Poor and Ugly

Vision Times According to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), China is economically growing, income and wealth inequalities are narrowing, and the citizens all live satisfactory lives. But one look beyond the Party propaganda reveals a society that is struggling with inequality so much that it’s now a trend among educated youth to call themselves “dirt-poor” […]

Chinese Around the World Commemorate 300 Million Withdrawals From the Chinese Communist Party

Chinese Around the World Commemorate 300 Million Withdrawals From the Chinese Communist Party

Annie Wu  | Epoch Times The global movement of Chinese people renouncing their ties to the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, Tuidang, has reached an important milestone. The trend began soon after the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times published a nine-part series, “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party,” in November and December […]

China’s Viral Eye-Rolling Reporter Incident Reveals a Darker Secret

Sunny Chao  |  Epoch Times Caught on state television, a Chinese reporter rolled her eyes during a press conference for the Chinese regime’s very predictable, mostly ceremonial rubber-stamp legislature sessions. She instantly became an internet sensation in China. The incident also inadvertently revealed how the regime handpicks so-called “foreign journalists” to attend its press events, who […]

Human Rights Lawyer Seized After Critiquing Government

ChinaAid Beijing—  Beijing police seized human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng on Friday as he was accompanying his son to school. According to the Los Angeles Times, his arrest came after posted an online letter critiquing China’s lack of open presidential elections, and his wife believes it was what prompted authorities to take him into custody. […]