Harvard Chinese Scholar Pleads Guilty to Stealing Biological Samples

According to court documents, officers at Boston Airport Customs had marked Zheng as a high-risk person for smuggling biological materials. In December 2019, before he boarded a Chinese flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport to Beijing, Zheng was seized by customs officials with medical research samples in his suitcase.

Cybersecurity Firm Links Chinese Group to Cyber Espionage in Southeast Asia

BenarNews | Radio Free Asia A China-based group has quietly carried out cyber-espionage against Southeast Asian governments during the past few years, collecting “specific documents,” among other data, from infected computers, a cybersecurity company said in a report. Naikon, a group of hackers, deployed software called Aria-body to target government agencies and technology firms in […]

Chinese Military: World Domination Through Germs – Coronavirus link?

Vision Times As wars become more tech-oriented, new forms of warfare are inevitable. While the two world wars of the last century used aircraft extensively to wreak havoc on all fronts, the upcoming wars will likely see the use of biological agents. Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is apparently heavily invested in the tech, with […]

China’s Might Prevents Muslim Nations from Criticizing It, Mahathir Says

BenarNews | Radio Free Asia China’s economic and military strength may have prevented Muslim nations from criticizing its repression of the ethnic Uyghur minority, and Southeast Asian nations from questioning Beijing’s increasingly assertive actions in the South China Sea, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir said. In an interview with BenarNews, an RFA-affiliated online news service, Mahathir […]

China Organ Harvesting Fears Lead to Retraction of Medical Studies

VISION TIMES Fifteen medical studies were retracted from two journals during August over concerns that their authors used organs from executed prisoners in China. The medical journals, Transplantation and PLOS ONE, pulled the studies that they had published from 2008-2014, reported the blog Retraction Watch. The report said that two of the studies involved kidney transplants, and the rest […]

Organ Harvesting in China Assisted by Western Medical Corruption

VISION TIMES China analyst and human-rights investigator Ethan Gutmann gave the following speech at the at the Czech Republic Senat on March 1. His speech was part of the “Persecution of Families in Times of Unfreedom,” event which is part of the Mene Tekel festival in Prague. As the son of two American psychiatrists — […]

Czech Republic Lawmakers, Experts Push for New Law Preventing Transplant Tourism to China

MILAN KAJINEK |  EPOCH TIMES Several Czech politicians and experts support a draft amendment to the transplant law that would prohibit Czech citizens from visiting China for organ transplants—a phenomenon called “transplant tourism.” This bold move exposes the unethical practices in the industry, particularly the involuntary organ harvesting of Chinese prisoners of conscience. In China, since […]

Canadian MP Proposes Bill on International Organ Trafficking

Minghui Member of Canadian Parliament Garnett Genuis, Official Opposition Deputy Critic for International Human Rights and Religious Freedom, announced on April 4 his intention to sponsor a Private Member’s Bill on international organ trafficking. This legislation was first introduced by former MP Irwin Cotler in 2013 as Bill C-561, an Act to amend the Criminal […]