US House Reintroduces Bill to Ban All Xinjiang Goods Made With Forced Labor

Beijing’s repression of Uyghurs, perpetrated through its network of internment camps and mass surveillance system, has drawn international condemnation. According to an archived U.S. State Department website estimate, more than a million Uyghurs and other minority groups are held without charge in such facilities.

China Is Biggest Long-Term Threat to Britain, Says UK Spy Chief

Russia currently poses the biggest state-based threat to Britain, but China will become more dangerous in the future, Ken McCallum told reporters in London in his first public remarks as the new head of MI5. He said Russia was delivering “bursts of bad weather,” while Beijing is “changing the climate.”

Morally Ensnared in Xinjiang: A Young Researcher Reflects on Genocides

In the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic groups cannot practice Islam, speak their language, or engage with their culture. Since 2017, the Chinese government has been imprisoning Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic groups in Xinjiang’s “reeducation” camps. Up to two million people are estimated to be currently imprisoned. Prisoners are tortured and forced to abandon their religion and culture

Where Ties With Communist China Are Close, the Coronavirus Follows

The Epoch Times Editorial Board | New Tang Dynasty Severe COVID-19 outbreaks highlight different countries’ entanglements with Beijing In the final weeks of 2019, a novel coronavirus outbreak occurred in the city of Wuhan, in central China. As the world welcomed a new decade, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) opted to suppress information about the emerging crisis […]

Pompeo Condemns Atrocities in China, Vows to Safeguard International Religious Freedom

EVA FU | EPOCH TIMES U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo sternly reprimanded China for “staggering religious abuses” committed in the country during his unveiling of the State Department’s annual report on global religious freedom on June 21. He warned that governments that persecute religious believers should not be able to get away with such actions without consequences. […]

US Ambassador Brownback: ‘China is at War with Faith’

Cindy Saine | Voice of America WASHINGTON — Washington’s top diplomat for religious freedom is calling on China to stop its growing oppression of people of faith. Sam Brownback, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, told journalists, “China is at war with faith, but it is a war they will not win.” “The Chinese Communist […]

Comparing the Brainwashing of Uighurs With the Party’s Anti-Falun Gong Campaign

Matthew Robertson  |  China Change This article was first published in China Change website on June 18, 2018 On a blank sheet of paper free from any mark, the freshest and most beautiful characters can be written; the freshest and most beautiful pictures can be painted.   — Mao Zedong Extend special invitations to the Autonomous Region […]

Uyghur Government Workers Ordered Not to Identify on Forms as Muslim

Gulchehra Hoja  |  Radio Free Asia Ethnic Uyghur government workers in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region are being ordered to remove the word “Islam” from a box indicating religious affiliation on their household registration forms, in a move aimed at further reducing cultural identity in the volatile region, sources say. An official directive sent out a […]