China Tries to Disrupt Tibetan Parliamentary Elections

The most serious disruption of the elections happened in Nepal, after a Chinese high-level delegation visited the Himalayan country on December 27, allegedly to help resolving problems between the different factions of the local Communist Party.

Germany, France, UK Rebuke Beijing Over South China Sea

The United Kingdom, France and Germany have signed a joint note denouncing China’s claims in the South China Sea, in a sign of growing European interest in the maritime disputes there and China’s militarization of occupied islets.

Today’s China Is a Colony of the Chinese Communist Party

Chen believes that the U.S.’s splitting move is powerful, directly eradicating the legitimacy of the CCP’s power. The United States takes the lead in declaring its stand with the “Chinese people” all over the world and oppose the CCP’s tyranny.

Today’s China Is a Colony of the Chinese Communist Party

The discussion about the distinction between China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as part of the United States-China strategy continues to be heated. Some scholars and DPP officials in Taiwan agree that the CCP does not represent China and even that China is a colony of the CCP.

China Sends Ships, Planes over Disputed Seas to Show Strength after COVID-19 Outbreak

Ralph Jennings | Voice of America TAIPEI, TAIWAN – China is asserting itself in disputed waters around Asia this month to look strong after containing the world’s first coronavirus outbreak as the rest of the world grapples with the disease now.  The Chinese Communist Party leadership seeks an image boost among its own population that’s […]

Satellites: How China’s Beidou Will Affect the US and the World

VISION TIMES By June this year, China will send its final two satellites of the Beidou network into space, thus making the navigation system fully operational. This will take the total number of Beidou satellites orbiting earth to 35, overtaking the U.S. GPS satellite network, which has 24 in orbit.   China’s Beidou Back in […]

Coronavirus Update: China Increasingly Isolated as Countries Scramble to Contain Spread

VISION TIMES The coronavirus outbreak has killed at least 362 people globally, according to Chinese and World Health Organization (WHO) data. At this writing, Chinese officials reported a surge in new cases where the death toll rose to at least 361 with nearly 3,000 new cases recorded in the country in the past 24 hours, raising the number […]

Tibetan Villagers Jailed in Sog County For Running a Criminal Gang

<!–[CDATA[ Lobsang Gelek | Radio Free Asia They had interfered with local government and spread ‘the evil influence’ of religion, state-controlled Tibetan media say. A court in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has sentenced 12 Tibetan villagers to prison terms of from one to almost two years for running “a criminal gang,” state media said on […]

Norwegian Library Incident Highlights Persecution in China

Although hard to believe in Western society, confiscation of Falun Gong books is one of the tactics used throughout the past 20 years in China, where this practice is suppressed. When several elderly practitioners—most already in their 70s—were reading Falun Gong books together in Qishan County of Shaanxi Province on July 10 last year, 10 practitioners were arrested, their homes ransacked and personal belongings confiscated.