Huawei Has Technology to Recognize Uyghur Faces: The Evidence

IPVM, the world’s leading authority on video surveillance, discovered an internal Huawei document that, by purpose or mistake, was freely available on Huawei’s European website. Immediately after IPVM asked Huawei for explanations, the document disappeared.

Chinese Communist Party Member: ‘China Is a Threat to the World’

Cai is of the firm opinion that the CCP is a major threat to global peace. She points out that the current conflict between China and the United States is not a conflict between two people but between two systems and ideologies. Cai warns that the CCP wants to replace the democratic system of the U.S. with its over-governance model.

Former Canadian Minister of Justice: Sun Qian’s Case Was “Criminalization of Innocence”

<![CDATA[ Minghui, Ottawa, Canada The Honorable Irwin Cotler, P.C., O.C., O.Q., former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, was interviewed regarding Beijing’s recent eight-year sentence of Canadian Falun Gong practitioner Sun Qian. He called the verdict a classic case of criminalization of innocence and a fundamental assault on China’s own rule of law, […]

Huawei to be Removed From UK 5G Network by 2027

<!–[CDATA[ Mary Clark | New Tang Dynasty UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has banned Huawei from further input into the UK’s telecoms infrastructure by the end of 2020, and set a deadline of 2027 for the stripping out of existing kit from the country’s 5G network, it was announced in Parliament today. The reversal has come amid fears of […]

Canada: Chinese Officials Should Be Slapped With Magnitsky Act

<!–[CDATA[ VISION TIMES Over a dozen senators from Canada recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking the federal government to take strict actions against Chinese officials identified to be involved in human rights violations. The letter, written by senators Leo Housakos and Thanh Hai Ngo, was co-signed by 11 other senators. The […]

Blacklisting Chinese Universities From Using American Computer Program

VISION TIMES The Trump administration has banned two Chinese universities from using an American computer software platform called MATLAB. These universities, Harbin Engineering University and Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) were found to have close ties with the Chinese military and were thus added to a U.S. blacklist that bars them from accessing products that […]

Defeating Huawei: Developing Solid Alternatives to 5G

<!–[CDATA[ VISION TIMES Huawei is the world leader when it comes to 5G equipment. The company’s move to expand 5G into the West has rung alarm bells in the U.S. and Europe. The Trump administration has banned the use of Huawei equipment in government departments citing security concerns. However, the challenge posed by Huawei 5G […]

US-China Tensions Rise as Beijing Signals Tightening Controls on Hong Kong

<!–[CDATA[  Lin Yang,  Nike Ching,  Yi-Hua Lee, and Tina Chung | Voice of America China’s decision to propose new legislation tightening control over Hong Kong has sparked a wave of condemnation from American lawmakers and officials, in yet another sign of worsening relations between the economic superpowers. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a statement Friday saying he “condemns” […]