An Unprecedented UN Critique of China’s Xinjiang Policies

Sophie Richardson, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH | Hong Kong Free Press Earlier this month, a dozen United Nations experts quietly issued an unprecedented and devastating assessment of the Chinese government’s counterterrorism law. Their critique highlights the way this law is being used to justify gross violations of basic rights and freedoms in Xinjiang, the western region of China. […]

Global Freedom Declines as Chinese, Russian Info Control Practices Spread, Says Study

Radio Free Asia Chinese and Russian technology and practices in surveillance, censorship and other forms of information control are spreading and being copied around the world, mostly in authoritarian states but also in some democracies, said a report released in Washington on Tuesday. Beijing and Moscow both have cultivated “technospheres” of countries that follow their […]

Standing With Uyghurs: Qatar Withdraws Support for China

Vision Times In July, 37 nations signed a letter that announced support for China’s policies in Xinjiang, a region where Beijing has been persecuting the Uyghur Muslim minority. Signatories of the letter, included Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and so on. However, Qatar recently withdrew its signature from the letter. Supporting Uygurs “Taking into account […]

The Escape of a Uyghur Woman (Part I)

VISION TIMES My name is Mina. I grew up in the city of Korla in Qiemo County of Xinjiang Province, China. In March 2009, I applied for a passport from the authorities, which was not an easy process as it took me nine months and cost over US$5,000. I became a very special person because […]

China’s Uyghurs Who Escaped Abroad Are Being Targeted by Chinese Spies, Report Says

Paul Huang  |  Epoch Times A report says that Uyghurs, the Muslim ethnic people in China’s Xinjiang region that has been among China’s most heavily persecuted minority groups, are being spied upon by Chinese regime’s intelligence services even after they’ve escaped China and sought asylum overseas. The report comes at a time when the United […]

World Uyghur Congress President Sounds Alarm Over Organ Harvesting in China

Frank Fang  |  Epoch Times DNA collection, detention camps, and disappearances point to forced organ harvesting in Xinjiang The increasing suppression and surveillance faced by the Uyghur minority in China may include a deadly element: systematic, forced organ harvesting. Speaking at the United Kingdom Parliament on Dec. 13, Dolkun Isa, president of the World Uyghur Congress, […]