US Reports ‘Substantial Progress’ in Countering Chinese Security Threat

“The Chinese Communist Party’s theft of sensitive information and technology isn’t a rumor or a baseless accusation,” Wray said in a statement on Monday. “It’s very real, and it’s part of a coordinated campaign by the Chinese government, which the China Initiative is helping to disrupt.”

UK Plans Less Reliance on Chinese Supplies

Jane Werrell | New Tang Dynasty The UK government, lead by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is set to end reliance on Chinese imports for vital supplies, including masks and medicines. Johnson has instructed officials to draw up plans to diversify its imports of critical goods. The United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—the countries that […]

Australia Demands Transparency from China in Proposed Global COVID-19 Review

Phil Mercer | Voice of America SYDNEY – Australia is demanding transparency from China in a proposed international investigation into the origins and spread of COVID-19. Chinese authorities have been under pressure over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak.  U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday that China should face consequences if it was “knowingly responsible” […]

Editorial: Giving the Right Name to the Virus Causing a Worldwide Pandemic

<!–[CDATA[ EPOCH TIMES | EDITORIAL BOARD There has been controversy recently about what to call the virus that has unleashed a worldwide pandemic. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) prefers “novel coronavirus.” Others have referred to it as the “Wuhan virus,” after its place of origin, as is common in naming diseases. The Epoch Times suggests […]