Heiko Maas, Nathan Law is More Important Than Wang Yi

President of the Czech Senate, Miloš Vystrčil, led an 89-member delegation to visit Taiwan, following which Wang Yi threatened to make him “pay a heavy price.” Maas said that “threats don’t fit in here,” pledging Germany’s solidarity and cooperation with the Czech Republic.

NGO Worker in China was Taken Away After Forwarding Trump Petition

ChinaAid Huizhou, Guangdong — NGO worker Xiao Yuhui was taken away by Guangdong police after forwarding a petition addressed to President Trump. On May 27, police in China took Xiao into custody shortly after he had passed the petition on to his friends. At least one other person was arrested after spreading the petition, but […]

Australian Student Activist Faces Expulsion After Criticism From Chinese Diplomat

<!–[CDATA[ Ng Yik-tung, Sing Man and Alim Seytoff  | RADIO FREE ASIA An Australian student is facing expulsion by the University of Queensland after he publicly questioned the school’s close relationship with China and was termed an “anti-China separatist” by a Chinese diplomat with close ties to the school. The university is taking disciplinary action against conservative student activist […]

Pence Criticizes Chinese Regime, Affirms Support for Democratic Values in Policy Address

VISION TIMES In a 40-minute speech delivered Oct. 24, Vice President Mike Pence criticized the communist Chinese authorities for continued violations of human rights and pernicious trade practices, while stressing America’s support for democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Speaking at the Wilson Center in Washington, the vice president expressed regret that the Chinese Communist […]