A Cab Driver’s Working Day During the CCP Pandemic

I told him, “Quitting the CCP severs your ties with it. Have you ever joined any of its organizations?” He said he had joined the Youth League as a young man. I said, “I can help you to quit with a pseudonym to protect your identity.” He agreed.

China Is Biggest Long-Term Threat to Britain, Says UK Spy Chief

Russia currently poses the biggest state-based threat to Britain, but China will become more dangerous in the future, Ken McCallum told reporters in London in his first public remarks as the new head of MI5. He said Russia was delivering “bursts of bad weather,” while Beijing is “changing the climate.”

Canadian Dignitaries Support Withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Party

Over 360 million Chinese people have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. Former Member of Parliament (MP) Wladyslaw Lizon and Chair Ludwik Klimkowski of Tribute to Liberty offered their congratulations and extended their support to all those who have quit.

Ren Zhiqiang, Chinese Dissident Property Tycoon Defends Himself at Trial

Ren, 69, was probed by the CCDI after writing an open letter about Xi’s responses to the coronavirus epidemic, the Sino-U.S. trade war and the Taiwan elections.

Sources have said investigators handled the letter, which took the form of a long and highly critical essay, as an instance of “internal strife” within the ruling party.

The Chinese Communist Party’s Deep Infiltration into Social Media and News Media in the Free World

These hacked accounts were used to spread propaganda and disinformation about the coronavirus outbreak, the Hong Kong protests, and other topics of interest to the CCP. The owners of these hijacked accounts came from all walks of life. “They included a professor in North Carolina; a graphic artist and a mother in Massachusetts; a web designer in the U.K.; and a business analyst in Australia,”

Detention of Australian Journalist Further Exposes China’s Secretive Jail System

“Once inside, you must, by law, be kept in solitary confinement. Many detainees remain inside a suicide-padded cell for the full six months — some without ever seeing sunlight and without the lights ever being turned off. For China’s police, it’s the ultimate weapon, and once inside there is no supervision nor any forms of appeal.”