China’s Other Virus, Religious Persecution: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

MASSIMO INTROVIGNE | BITTER WINTER A+ | A- In its new report about China, the well-known Christian NGO denounces the increased repression of Muslim, Buddhists, Taoist, Catholics, House Churches, Falun Gong, and The Church of Almighty God On March 31, 2020, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a London-based Christian organization and one of the most respected NGOs denouncing religious persecution […]

China Detains Hui Muslim Poet Who Spoke Out Against Xinjiang Camps

Ng Yik-tung and Sing Man | Radio Free Asia Cui Haoxin, who writes under the pen name An Ran, is being held under criminal detention for ‘picking quarrels and stirring up trouble.’ Authorities in the eastern province of Shandong have detained a Hui Muslim poet and author after he tweeted about the incarceration, surveillance, and […]

New Rules Require Religions to Be Completely Submissive to the Communist Party

VISION TIMES Starting February 1, 2020, China will implement new rules applicable to religious groups. The updated guidelines apparently complete the “Regulations on religious affairs” that was implemented two years back on February 1, 2018. The new religious rules “Every aspect of the life of religious communities — from formation to gatherings, to annual and […]

Chinese Pastor Wang Yi Given 9 Year Sentence on State Subversion

Joyce Huang | Voice of America Chinese pastor Wang Yi, the founder of Early Rain Covenant Church, has been sentenced to nine years in prison on the charges of inciting state subversion and illegal business operation, a court in Sichuan in southwest China said on Monday. One year after his incommunicado detention and a recent […]