Overseas Chinese Call for an End to the Chinese Communist Party

Bai Jiemin, President of the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance Eastern U.S. Branch, said: “as people who suffered from the CCP back in China, we want to tell everyone that the CCP does not represent China and it is not qualified to do so, either. We need to sweep the regime into its tomb so that Chinese people can once again enjoy freedom and happiness.”

Two Chinese “Dissidents” Reached Safety in Netherlands After Being Persecuted in China

Mr. Wang, a permanent resident of the United States, fled China in 2019 to live overseas when he was 17 years old for posting online support for the Hong Kong democracy movement. In February 2021, he posted on the Chinese social software “Weibo” questioning the number of Chinese soldiers killed in the Sino-Indian military conflict. This escalated the persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As a result, he received threatening phone calls, his parents were arrested, and his personal information leaked online.

Breaking: “The Burning Down of the CCP Virus Statue In California Is An Attack on the US”

Guppy Dong, also a China affair commentator and columnist, said in his Facebook that the burning down of the CCP Virus statue is a challenge to and an attack on America. It is also a major international political event, given that this is the first CCP Virus statue in the world, the US is investigating the origin of the CCP virus, and almost every country in the world has been affected by the CCP virus.

‘Immediately Cease’ Repression of Falun Gong, US Tells Beijing on Eve of Persecution Anniversary

Over the past year, the state of Texas and more than a dozen counties in Virginia have passed resolutions warning residents against traveling to China for organ transplants. The measures were made in the hopes of ensuring that Americans don’t become unwitting accomplices in the regime’s state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting, which targets primarily Falun Gong practitioners and also other prisoners of conscience

Can We Ever Forget the Horrors of the Night of 20th July 1999?

The horrors in Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union were made possible because those in the outside world were not asking, or not knowing. These systematic campaigns of inhumanity were kept alive by governments systematically hiding them from the public and the world. Can you imagine the scope of a government’s secret machinery in Germany that could keep people in the dark about the atrocities happening in their own backyard?

The Imprisonment of The ‘Lucky Family’: How Chinese Communist Party Detained and Sentenced a Whole Birthday Party

Gene Bunin, a researcher focusing on the oppression of Muslims in western China, said: “Not everything can be lumped into ‘camps’, not only because most of these really seem to be closed or closing, but also because even in 2017 a good fraction of the detained wasn’t sent for study but simply to jail. Of course, it’s even more important to insist on this distinction now, since very many of the current victims are serving long prison sentences.”