Socialism – A Wolf in Sheep Clothing Is Knocking at the Door for the Last Time

“In socialist countries, the only people who own high-value assets are the socialist rulers and their loyal cronies. Because there is little upward mobility under socialism, socialist societies are characterized by two economic levels: a small, immensely wealthy ruling elite at the top, and at the bottom, the low-income masses forced to obey the dictates of their socialist masters. A large and prosperous middle class like what we have in America does not exist in countries with a single-party socialist rule.”

120 Days in Secret Detention in China

It was all so confusing. I spent the New Year’s Day in handcuffs, and since I was released and even during the spring festival holidays, the Guobao (国保, Domestic Security Division of public security) had a special vehicle detail to follow me. They knew all my movements, so why did they need to ask me which people I’d met and what I was doing? All my activity was known to them already.

China Tries to Disrupt Tibetan Parliamentary Elections

The most serious disruption of the elections happened in Nepal, after a Chinese high-level delegation visited the Himalayan country on December 27, allegedly to help resolving problems between the different factions of the local Communist Party.

US Ambassador to UN Will Visit Taiwan for 3-Day Trip

“During her trip, the Ambassador will reinforce the U.S. government’s strong and ongoing support for Taiwan’s international space, in accord with the U.S. One-China policy that is guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the three U.S.-PRC joint communiques, and the Six Assurances to Taiwan”

Analysts: Extradition Treaty Between Turkey, China Endangers Uyghur Refugees

Ekrem told VOA the extradition treaty tilts largely in favor of China, where capital punishment is applied. He said Uyghur refugees who are at risk of a death sentence if they return to China are particularly made vulnerable by the treaty, which makes no stipulation that those who are facing the death penalty there cannot be extradited.