China Will Exploit Paris Climate Accord to Undermine US: Expert

“Beijing’s energy-related emissions increased more than 80 percent between 2005-2019, while U.S. energy-related emissions have decreased by more than 15 percent. In 2019 alone, China’s energy-related CO2 emissions increased more than 3 percent, while the United States’ decreased by 2 percent.”

Catholics Increasingly Harassed Ahead Vatican-China Deal Renewal

“We’d rather be arrested and imprisoned then fill out these applications,” one of the nuns said. “After the forms are filled out, they would summon us to attend training classes in the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, where we would be indoctrinated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) iideology, as they do it to priests.”

Xi Jinping Portraits Replace Catholic Symbols in Churches

Tang Zhe | Bitter Winter A Catholic Church in Ji’an, a prefecture-level city in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, was built this year at the cost of more than one million RMB (over $ 140,000), which had been raised by believers. It was named “The True and Original Source of the Universe” (萬有真原), a reference to the name inscribed […]

The Vatican Calls on China to Stop Intimidating Papal Loyalists

VOA News The Vatican has called on China to stop intimidating Catholic clergy who are members of an underground church that is loyal to the pope. The request was included in Vatican guidelines issued to the clergy Friday in mainland China. An estimated 12 million Catholics in China are split between a government-operated association whose […]

Under Neo-Totalitarianism, There Is No ‘Civil Society’ in China

Mo Zhixu  |  China Change This article was first published in China Change website on February 4, 2018 “Rather, reform has been used as a kind of calibrating tool for the system to retain complete control in the political, economic, social, and cultural spheres.” In 1981, Polish president Wojciech Jaruzelski ordered a crackdown on the […]

Western Voices Promoting the Chinese Regime’s Propaganda of Hate

Annie Wu  |  Epoch Times Academic reveals how Western scholars are being used to spread the regime’s attacks on Falun Gong The English word “cult” conjures images of sinister organizations performing Jim Jones-led mass suicides. So the Chinese regime took full advantage of the power of the cult label to launch one of the most vicious […]

Chinese Authorities Demolish One Church, Close Another, in December

Qiao Long  |  Radio Free Asia Chinese authorities have pressed their campaign against religious groups operating outside of state control in recent days, demolishing a Catholic church in the western city of Xi’an and shuttering a Protestant church in northwest China’s Xinjiang region, sources said. In Shijing town in Xi’an’s Huyi district, authorities tore down […]

Dissidents Who Have Suffered for Human Rights in China: A Look Back and A Look Forward

Congressional-Executive Commission on China Concrete improvements in human rights and the rule of law in China are directly linked to the security and prosperity of both the American and Chinese people.  Advances in protecting human rights and curbing government violations of universal freedoms are essential components of economic development, mutual prosperity, domestic stability, and the […]