China’s Appointment to UN Human Rights Council Panel Draws Heavy Criticism

Cathy He | New Tang Dynasty The Chinese regime has been appointed to a panel on the United Nations (U.N.) Human Rights Council that helps select the body’s rights investigators—despite its long track record of severe rights abuses against religious groups, dissidents, and ethnic minorities. Jiang Duan, minister at China’s mission to the U.N. in […]

NBC Journalists Distort and Malign Falun Gong to Strengthen Attack on Rival Media

Levi Browde | Falun Dafa Info Center An Open Letter to NBC An NBC article is spreading misinformation, propaganda, and bigotry to marginalize a peaceful, spiritual group in order to strengthen their hit piece on a rival media. NBC reporters Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins have published an article grossly mischaracterizing the beliefs and plight of […]

Pompeo Condemns Atrocities in China, Vows to Safeguard International Religious Freedom

EVA FU | EPOCH TIMES U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo sternly reprimanded China for “staggering religious abuses” committed in the country during his unveiling of the State Department’s annual report on global religious freedom on June 21. He warned that governments that persecute religious believers should not be able to get away with such actions without consequences. […]

Jiangxi Officials Crack Down on Christianity

ChinaAid Shangrao, Jiangxi – Since September, authorities in an area of China’s eastern Jiangxi province have carried out a sweeping crackdown on Christianity, destroying the crosses of 25 churches and imposing various measures in order to keep a tight rein on religious activities. Religious affairs and United Front Work Department officials started collecting information on […]

Christian Persecution in China on the Rise: Report

Jack Phillips  |  Epoch Times A report from a Christian charity has found that Christians are being persecuted at rates not seen since the Cultural Revolution, which lasted from 1966 until 1976. The Cultural Revolution, launched by dictator Mao Zedong, attempted to eliminate the “Four Olds,” which were defined as “Old Customs,” “Old Culture,” “Old […]

Report: Religious Followers in China Push Back Despite Tightened Controls

Richard Finney  |  Radio Free Asia Government interference in religion is growing in China, with authorities suppressing Islam and slamming Christian teachings as a foreign import, meanwhile promoting Chinese Buddhism and Taoism as more supportive of traditional notions of loyalty to the state, according to a Freedom House report released on Tuesday. Tibetan Buddhism remains […]

Hundreds More Removed From Larung Gar as Friends Faint in Grief

Kunsang Tenzin  |  Radio Free Asia Authorities in southwestern China’s Sichuan province last week expelled a further 500 monks and nuns from the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, leaving many of those left behind fainting and in tears over the forced separation from their friends. The group removed on Dec. 24 came originally from the Golog […]

Larung Gar Evictees Forced to Sign Pledges Never to Return

Lhuboom  |  Radio Free Asia As Chinese authorities continue to work to reduce the size of Sichuan’s Larung Gar Buddhist Institute, evicted monks and nuns are being forced before they leave to sign documents vowing never to come back, sources in the region say. The signed pledges, entered on two separate documents, also contain promises […]