Harvard Chinese Scholar Pleads Guilty to Stealing Biological Samples

According to court documents, officers at Boston Airport Customs had marked Zheng as a high-risk person for smuggling biological materials. In December 2019, before he boarded a Chinese flight from Boston’s Logan International Airport to Beijing, Zheng was seized by customs officials with medical research samples in his suitcase.

Taking Money From China: Harvard University Professor Arrested

<!–[CDATA[ VISION TIMES Federal authorities have arrested a professor from Harvard University after it came to light that he was secretly receiving payments from the Chinese government for research and had lied about his links to a Chinese-run recruitment program called the “Thousand Talents Program.” The individual, Charles Lieber, is chair of the department of […]

San Diego State University Has Shut Down Its Confucius Institute

GISELA SOMMER | EPOCH TIMES San Diego State University (SDSU) is the latest American university to close its Confucius Institute. The shutdown of the controversial Chinese government-funded language and culture institution at SDSU follows the closures at seven other U.S. universities this year. The Confucius Institute (CI) was formally closed at SDSU on June 30, 2019, […]

An Increasing Number of US Officials Are Spying for Communist China

Vision Times The Chinese government seems to be determined to steal sensitive information from the U.S. administration and tech companies, as several cases of U.S. officials colluding with Beijing for personal interests are coming to light. Spying for China 63-year-old Candace Claiborne once used to work for the U.S. State Department. But today, she is […]

American Universities Are Showing the Door to Confucius Institutes

VISION TIMES In the U.S., Confucius Institutes operate on the campuses of close to 100 universities. Over the past few years, the intelligence community has been wary of these institutes, since they are mostly funded by the Chinese government and sneak in pro-communist content to a large number of their courses. Understanding the potential danger […]

Boston Chinatown: Celebrating 300 Million Withdrawals from the Party

Boston Chinatown: Celebrating 300 Million Withdrawals from the Party

Cheng Dexiang  | Minghui.org The Tuidang Center, Quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)  of Boston held an event in the local Chinatown on April 14 to congratulate the 300 million+ people who have renounced their membership in the Party and its affiliates. The event, which was held in the vicinity of the Chinatown gate, included […]

A Growing Chorus Objects to Confucius Institutes at American Universities

Annie Wu |  Epoch Time A Massachusetts lawmaker is the latest dissenting voice against the presence of Confucius Institutes on American college campuses. Managed directly and funded by the Chinese regime, Confucius Institutes (CIs) have been criticized by concerned academics as tools for promoting the regime’s political aims under the guise of teaching Chinese language and […]

Boston: Visiting Chinese Students Learn About Falun Gong Persecution and Tuidang movement

Minghui.org Many groups of Chinese students, ranging from elementary to high school, visit famous universities including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, Massachusetts during summer break. Local Falun Gong practitioners and Tuidang volunteers recently took the opportunity to raise awareness of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution. Many Chinese students have been […]

A Sudden Escape From China’s North After Cover-Up of Falun Gong Death in Custody

Matthew Robertson  |  Epoch Times BOSTON—Zheng Enjun and his wife were forced to flee China so suddenly that they didn’t even pack their winter clothes. He and Liu Liangxin, a pharmacologist, were about to be targeted in a police dragnet being thrown across cities and towns in the northeast province of Heilongjiang. They went into hiding […]