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Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich)

"It’s important for the people of China who are struggling to be free to know that the United States, as free people, totally support efforts of the Chinese people to reject the Communist Party, to leave the Communist Party, a...

Andrei Illarionov

There are three things I think are very important and must be mentioned. One of which is the 'Arab Spring;' second is the crisis in Europe, a crisis of the entire European model which might result in an economic, political...

Help Me Quit!

Tuidang volunteer' s call to Chinese people, may be the only opportunity for them to hear information based in factual reality. After talking with the Tuidang volunteer, many of them are asking help to quit the CCP.

Calling China on RTC Platform

Every day, hundreds of thousands of phone calls are being made by mean of auto-call software (RTC) to the people in mainland China, helping them to quit the Chinese communist party. During the eight day- holiday of the Chinese New...

Stories in Front of a Chinese Consulate

Tuidang activists around the world sit in fromt of Chinese Consulate and tell people the truth about how the Chinese Communist regime violates basic Human rights. Some tour guides or delegation leaders tell the people not to accept the materials,...

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