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Waiting for a CCP-Free Era

When I was in college I wanted to find a good job, so I applied to join the CCP. Looking back now, I see that the Party controls all the resources and uses financial incentives to coerce Chinese people to...

Solemn Announcement

The CCP has been ruining the country and destroying the Chinese people. Now that its true nature is revealed, everybody hates it. We firmly withdraw from the evil party, its Youth League, and the Young Pioneers.

Withdrawal from the CCP

I’m 68 years old. I was in the military as a commander and a colonel. So many good people died in the Cultural Revolution, the Tiananmen massacre, and the persecution of Falun Gong. I don’t have any hope for the...

Withdrawal from the CCP’s Young Pioneers

I’m a retired worker of a big state-owned factory. Under the CCP regime, everything is a sham in China, including the big state-owned enterprises’ accounting books. If they don’t “cook the books,” the heads of the factories cannot get a...

The CCP Destroyed Our Value System

We are father and daughter, both Christians. We think the atheism propagated by the CCP is deceiving people. Its evil deeds in China have produced many narrow-minded and faithless atheists, thereby destroying the value system that people depend on for...

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