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Nineteen Officials Quit the Chinese Communist Party Organizations Over the Phone in One Hour


Zhang Yun | Minghui

Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999, practitioners outside of China have been calling people in China, urging them to withdraw from the CCP and its two junior organizations (Youth League and Young Pioneers). Many people have severed ties with the CCP thanks to such phone calls.

Police Officer in Beijing

Wang, a police officer in Beijing, received a phone call in October this year from Ms. Li, a volunteer at the Quitting the CCP Hotline in Toronto, Canada.

Ms. Li said that over 400 million Chinese people, including high-ranking officials, have quit the CCP and its two junior organizations. She urged Wang to do the same upon learning that he was a CCP member.

“How about you use the pseudonym of jin fu (golden blessing) to quit the CCP?” Ms. Li asked.

Wang provided his real name and asked Ms. Li to use it to help him quit the CCP.

As they continued chatting, Ms. Li asked if there were other staff members in Wang’s office.

“Yes, there is an officer who has applied to join the Party, but is still waiting to be approved,” he replied.

Wang then checked with that officer, who agreed to quit the CCP’s junior associations of Youth League and Young Pioneers.

Ms. Li thanked Wang for helping his coworker and said, “I will also give you the hotline number. We have volunteers on duty 24 hours a day to answer phone calls about quitting the CCP.”

As Wang was writing down the number, Ms. Li said many people had suffered at the hands of the CCP during its numerous political campaigns. “It means a lot to other people if they could hear such information too,” she continued. “In fact, you can also help Falun Gong practitioners such as notifying them [to escape] before the illegal arrest.”

“Sure. If there are any actions planned against Falun Gong practitioners, I will let them know,” he said, “Plus, here is my cell phone number and any practitioner can contact me through it. Human lives are important and I will do my best to protect practitioners.”

Seeing Wang willing to talk more, Ms. Li told him how Falun Gong is well-received in over 100 countries and is suppressed only in China.

“Where can I find Falun Gong books?” Wang asked.

Ms. Li told him how to use software to overcome the internet blockade and read Falun Gong’s information free of charge. Wang happily thanked her.

Nineteen Officials

During a government meeting in one county of Hunan Province, the phone in the conference room rang. As one official picked up the phone, the other side said, “How are you? This is Zhang and I am calling from Canada. Are you interested in information on remaining safe in the pandemic?”

“Of course,” the official answered.

Ms. Zhang was a volunteer at the Quitting the CCP Hotline. She said that wave after wave of political campaigns in China has claimed numerous innocent lives since the CCP took power in 1949, which is why a large number of Chinese people have chosen to sever ties with the CCP in recent years.

Noticing the official was silent, Ms. Zhang paused talking after a few minutes and asked, “Hope what I said makes sense to you. Would you like to quit the Party with the pseudonym of wan shun (everything is smooth and successful)?” He agreed.

From there, Ms. Zhang talked about how the CCP had fabricated evidence to defame Falun Gong, such as staging the self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square. She gave a few examples of the CCP’s hate propaganda and clarified the truth.

“Are you still there? Are we still connected?” Ms. Zhang asked after several minutes.“Yes, I am here and I can hear you loud and clear,” said the official.

Ms. Zhang continued talking, from the torture of Falun Gong practitioners in custody to forced organ harvesting by the CCP, from how the Roman Empire fell following religious persecution to the current movement of quitting the CCP.”

The other end of the line remained silent. Ms. Zhang asked, “Are you by yourself or with someone?”

“This is a conference room and there are many people here – they are all listening,” the official said. “They have not quit the CCP yet.”

Ms. Zhang continued chatting with them. After the 66-minute phone call was over, 19 officials in total quit the CCP organizations, including 8 CCP members as well as 11 members of the Youth League and Young Pioneers.

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