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A Chat with Mike Pompeo on the Chinese Communist Party – Episode Two

Mike Pompeo - screen shot from Hudson Institute video

Mike Pompeo

Hello, Mike Pompeo here.

Today, I want to talk about how the CCP tries to divide Americans based on race, and how it lies to the world about the United States. 

I try not to go on social media too much. 

But during the Trump Administration, I’d check Twitter at least once a day. 

Back then, it was a good way to see if I still had a job. 

Of course, Twitter’s not allowed in China. 

But CCP propagandists use it, and they subject the Chinese people to a lot of the same lies Americans see from Twitter mobs every day. 

The worst lie they tell is that America is somehow a racist country

That’s the exact opposite of the truth. 

America is the only country in the world founded on the idea that all humans are treated and created equally. 

America isn’t perfect. But as my friend, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott says, 

“Original sin is never the end of the story. 

Not in our souls, and not for our nation. The real story is always redemption.”

” We fought a Civil War over slavery. 

 Through abolition, Civil Rights, and women’s suffrage, we’ve become better and stronger. 

Today, the United States is home to people of all races, including more than 5 million ChineseAmericans. 

They contribute immeasurably to our way of life, and to America’s experiment in self-government. 

As secretary of state, I heard heartwarming reports from our diplomats,that some of the longest waiting lines in the world for visas to come to the United States were at our consulates in China. 

Countless Chinese people want to visit, study, or even immigrate here. 

I got to see again that America is special. America is good. And America does good around the world. 

Chinese-Americans know that America is an exceptional, multiracial democracy that spans a continent. 

That includes victims of the CCP’s genocide in China, including Uyghurs and Tibetans.

We need to teach our children that America is great. 

America is not racist, and we should never give an inch. 

Americans call out discrimination abroad when we see it, particularly Beijing’s systemic racism in Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and elsewhere. 

It was founded on a bankrupt Marxist ideology that’s killed tens of millions of Chinese people, launched a Cultural Revolution that destroyed thousands of years of Chinese Culture,  and can’t admit that any of it was more than a mistake. It was a crime. 

I look forward to the day,that the Chinese people will be able to participate in those same kinds of debates and fights for freedom Americans have had since 1776. 

The Chinese people deserve far better.

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