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Police Officers Quit the Chinese Communist Party Organizations

Chinese policemen (NTD TV)


One day I met a man in his 50s. I asked him if he was aware of quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organization. He stared at me, and then said that he was a policeman. “No matter who you are,” I said, if you have joined any of the CCP organizations, you vowed to devote your entire life to it, we shouldn’t give our lives to it. Only by quitting the Party can you keep yourself safe.” 

He took the list of names of those who quit, looked at it, and said, “Aren’t you opposing the Party?” I said, “We are not opposing the Party. It is only because the CCP has done too many evil things. It launched numerous movements and killed 80 million Chinese people. It commits the atrocity of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. It staged the fake ‘Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation.’ It is instigating people to hate Falun Gong. Now it covers up the pandemic which targets the elimination of the evil Party. We do not ask for a penny from you, but just want you to be safe and have a good future.” 

The policeman understood, added his name to the list, and announced his resignation from the CCP organizations using his real name. 

“Your handwriting is so good,” I said. “I am really happy that you made the right choice. The policeman said, “Thank you! Please pay attention to your safety, and go home early! Goodbye!” 

I went to a market and distributed Falun Gong calendars in 2021. A lot of people accepted the calendars and quit the CCP organizations using their real names. Some people pointed to a person and said to me, “Do you dare to talk to him? He is a retired police officer.” I said, “If he has joined any of the CCP organizations, I should help him quit!” 

I walked over to the retired police officer and said, “Have you heard of quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations?” He said no, and asked me why he would quit. I said, “Have you read any fliers about Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa)? There is a giant stone in Zhangbu Township, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. It is 23 feet long and 10 feet wide. There are a few large naturally formed characters on it that say, ‘The Chinese Communist Party Will Perish.’ Isn’t it the will of Heaven?” 

I continued, “If you have ever joined any of the CCP organizations, such as the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers, then you have vowed to devote your life to it, when the CCP will be eliminated, you will be destroyed along with it. Only by quitting the Party can you save your life.” He said, “Oh, now I understand! Then I quit any of the CCP organizations.”

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