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“Communism is the Biggest Lie of Human History”: End CCP Returns to Block Island

End CCP team in Block Island. - credit: Global Tuidang Center

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At a very popular summer vacation destination of Rhode Island, known as Block Island, vacationers and locals seized the opportunity in a high-traffic spot near the main street to learn about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) crimes against humanity, and why it is so important to understand the situation well, thanks to the work of volunteers from the “End CCP” movement. 

The End CCP team was first invited by Block Island Hotel Manisses owner, Paul Filippi, on the July 4th weekend. The response was so positive and supportive at that time that the End CCP team decided to return to the island one more time before the end of the season—and they did, on Aug. 20-21, 2022.

The CCP’s threat can easily be considered the most critical matter for all of humanity. The wicked deeds the CCP has committed against not just the Chinese people, but to the entire world, are the most atrocious in the history of humankind. In the face of such evil, many volunteers around the world courageously step up to inform others of the truth about the evil regime.

The global petition to End the CCP, created by the Tuidang (Quit the CCP) movement, is one such way volunteers have been able to raise awareness. It was the main focus of the Aug. 20 weekend for End CCP volunteers who traveled to Block island.

Why Sign the Petition?

Many people who encounter the petition, including those who signed, have asked: “What is this petition going to do?”

This question is very valid. The End CCP petition helps people around the world take a stance against the CCP and move toward a world without it and all of the regime’s egregious crimes, including murder, manipulation, deception, and destruction, in its ruthless efforts to strip people of freedom and morality.

Some volunteers feel that the biggest victims are actually the Chinese people because they have been so severely deceived and manipulated by the CCP that they have a hard time even believing that what the CCP has done and is doing is wrong and evil.

More than 2.5 million people have already signed the petition to show they yearn for a world without the CCP. The petition figures are being shared online in the hopes that seeing the sheer number of people who want the CCP to fall would encourage more Chinese people to look into the situation and come to understand the true, evil intentions of the CCP.

The more people that show their support, the more strength the petition will provide to Chinese people who may be afraid or unsure about quitting the CCP. The more Chinese citizens who quit the party and other related organizations, the weaker the regime will be, and eventually, with no support, the CCP will inevitably collapse.

Signing the petition is also an opportunity to make a personal statement to reject the CCP, that you understand they are a threat to humanity and good people everywhere. By stepping forward you are also raising the profile of the issue, adding your voice to the cause to help awaken more people. There might not seem like there are immediate results right away, but there is power in numbers. 

‘I Hope This Spreads Like Wildfire!’

A visitor who had stopped to speak with the volunteers said he wanted to learn more about the movement because he doesn’t often encounter people who step up against its evil, something so massive. 

“This party is not sustainable because of the way they treat people and the god-awful things they do to people so that they don’t lose power,” he said. “It is not a form of government that you would ever want to live under.” 

“The only way the CCP will fall is if the rest of the world recognizes what it is doing and takes action,” he added. “If you just sit back and watch it happen, eventually it will ruin you. Recognition is only one part of it; it is the action that is the second part. Even something small like this (referring to the End CCP booth), there are people doing something, which is very heartening to see.” 

An attorney from Connecticut was elated to see the End CCP booth on her spontaneous trip to Block Island with her husband. 

“I am so happy that you guys are here and just congratulate you because I thought there weren’t a lot of young people who thought this way and cared enough about this country, about the rest of the world, about freedom, our American values, and our Constitution,” she said. “You guys are awesome, keep up the good work. I hope this spreads like wildfire!” 

A woman who had just experienced the benefits and calming effects of the Falun Gong meditation exercises said she couldn’t understand why the CCP would persecute something so good. 

“The CCP has all of these rules they have for people but meanwhile, they are persecuting something that helps people find peace,” she said.

She was saddened to learn about the CCP’s 23-year-long persecution of Falun Gong—an ancient traditional Chinese mind-body practice—especially after doing the exercises made her feel much better.

Volunteers for End CCP hope that people will come to understand the gravity of the CCP’s threat to the world. They also hope that those who already know about the CCP’s wickedness are emboldened to share about the situation with their friends and family, after encountering the booth on Block Island on Aug. 20. The event was a great success!

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