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End CCP Team Invited to Block Island, Garnering Praise & Support During July 4th Weekend

On July 4th, Independence Day, the End CCP team was invited to the tourist destination of Block Island, Rhode Island, . (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

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Reported By Nicole

Volunteers of the End CCP (Chinese Communist Party) team were invited to participate in activities and events on Block Island, a popular vacation destination in Rhode Island, over the July 4th weekend. A lot of people were there celebrating the long holiday weekend and many who came across the park where End CCP banners, signs, and tables were set up, got a chance to share their support and thoughts with the volunteers. 

July 4th was the perfect weekend: the busiest of the season & the message was relevant to the holiday. On July 4th we celebrate the freedoms and independence of America. The CCP has long been one of the world’s biggest perpetrators of taking away freedoms and has been spreading this ideology cross-borders, through unrestricted psychological warfare. 

Paul Filippi, owner of the famed Hotel Manisses on Block Island, remembers getting a call from his friend, about a year and a half ago in DC, telling him how many End CCP supporters were at the Capitol. Getting this call inspired Paul to research the End CCP movement and started avidly following it. Fast forward to about a month and a half ago, Paul was thinking about how crowded Block Island gets at the height of the season; he thought it would be a great opportunity to raise awareness about the evils of the Chinese Communist Party. He understands the weight and importance of people becoming educated on the true intentions of the CCP and how much they are a threat to humanity. 

He looked up Tuidang Center’s phone number online (Tuidang is the non-profit organization that created the End CCP movement); and reached out, inviting the End CCP team to set up banners, signs, flags, petitions, etc. on his private property next to his hotel that intersects with the main street of Block Island, filled with restaurants and store.

Some signs read “The CCP is trying to destroy;” perfectly fitting for the holiday weekend where we celebrate America and its freedom. If Americans want to keep this freedom, it is important to know the dangers of the very regime that is trying to take that away. The CCP is anti-freedom of belief, speech, and thought and has been infiltrating America’s education systems, corporations, media, and other channels to spread this ideology. The CCP is attempting to make America “crumble from within.”

People from the local community were extremely supportive and passionate about spreading the word around the island. Jerry, who frequents Block Island, drove up to the table with his scooter and opened the seat up, asking for flyers. He took a large handful of End CCP flyers with him and told the team he was going to go to the beach and hand out the flyers. Later in the day, he rode his scooter back, passing by the park, and shouted “the word is being spread!” 

Visitors on Block Island responded enthusiastically to End CCP’s information and expressed their support. The picture shows the thumbs up after seeing the End CCP booth. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)
Visitors to Block Island saw the End CCP’s message and responded enthusiastically, and they expressed their support and signed their names on the petition form. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

The End CCP team hung up a banner that read “ENDCCP.COM, Building a World Without Communism” and multiple signs that read things like “Eliminate the CCP, Save America.” Numerous cars passed by with their passengers shouting out “What’s CCP?!” After volunteers responded back “CCP stands for Chinese Communist Party” the passengers would shout back with praise and support for what the team was doing. They agreed with the message. Many people driving by on their electric shooters and in their cars gave the thumb up, honked their horns, and shouted out their support for ending the CCP. It was a very positively charged atmosphere. There were also 2 tables set up with bright yellow End CCP banners, End CCP petition sign sheets, and End CCP baseball caps that many people bought to wear all over the island. 

Timothy, young but very well-educated on the CCP, was excited to share his thoughts on the CCP when asked:

Gavin, a Block Island native, learned all about the CCP on Saturday and on his way to dinner on Sunday, passed by the park again. He said, “I’ve been telling literally everyone on the island about you guys!” Another vacationer who discovered the End CCP activities exclaimed his support and said: “who in the world wouldn’t support ending the CCP?!” After seeing the team in the park, the next morning, he shared, “I’ve been telling everyone about you guys!” 

独立日游客如云 酒店老板邀End CCP团队传真相
On July 4th, Independence Day, the End CCP team was invited to the tourist destination of Block Island, Rhode Island, . (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

Susan, a Vermont resident, was driving by the park and had to pull over to get out and speak with the End CCP team. She couldn’t believe it, because she had just finished writing, over the course of 10 years, a poem called ‘Valor’ which speaks to the harsh suppression of journalists under communist regimes. These journalists often risk their lives, and sometimes die, to get the truth out. She has been doing a lot of creative work, in the form of poems, to show more people the heinous crimes of the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist regime in Russia. When asked how it made her feel to see the End CCP activities on the island, she stated that she was so excited and that it was such a great experience to talk with the volunteers. She was so happy to see young people concerned about humanity and the ideals that are being attacked in the East and West. She spoke about her concern for countries that have a lack of freedom of the press and lack of freedom of religion, especially since she knows the true, traditional Chinese culture is extremely valuable. 

On Saturday evening, as the team was packing up for the day, two young boys-Kayden & Christopher- came up to the table and asked if they could volunteer to help give out flyers too. Since the day was over, the team gave them a stack of flyers. Kayden said, “people just have to know about this!” He ran across the street and immediately started handing out End CCP flyers to people passing by.

Kayden and Christopher

A mother passed by the park with her family; she was able to relate to the message the End CCP team was sharing. She told the team that she had escaped communism in Laos at the age of 3. She pulled out a photo that she keeps in her wallet- a photo of her at 3 years old, holding up a sign with a number branding, in the refugee camp she was sent to. She deeply understands the dangers of communism and its ideology. 

Blake Filippi, the brother of Paul, was so excited when he found out the End CCP team was coming down to Block Island for activities. He was so happy to share his thoughts and support:

A student studying to be an immigration attorney was curious about people having to leave their own country. After learning about the CCP’s persecution of the peaceful spiritual practice, Falun Gong, he wanted to speak with someone who encountered firsthand the persecution. Luckily, Tom was participating in the End CCP activities that day and was able to share his personal experience with the immigration attorney-to be. Tom explained how he believed truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance are good things and so he was inspired to start practicing Falun Gong in China, since those are the 3 principles Falun Gong is based on. But due to the CCP’s harsh anti-freedom of belief policies, the CCP banned the practice in 1999 and launched a persecution. Tom was imprisoned for 7 years total, just for practicing Falun Gong, and shared his experience with the student. 

Visitors to Block Island saw the enthusiastic response to End CCP’s information and expressed their support, signing their names on the joint form and taking photos with the volunteers. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

Patrick was so happy to come across the End CCP activities during his vacation on Block Island. He proudly offered to share his thoughts:

A woman shared that she was so happy hear that End CCP was on Block Island because she had recently finished reading a book called ‘Red-Handed’ by Peter Schweizer, which educated her on the horrific acts of the CCP. She shared that she had no idea about the CCP and what they do before reading this book. Now she is well-informed and knew exactly what CCP meant when she saw it and was so happy to support. Her husband also shared that all his ancestors have been in all the American wars. He shared that if the CCP tries to come for America, he isn’t afraid of them. He’ll stand up to them. As he said this, it looked like he pointed to his heart. Susan, mentioned above, shared with the team that “courage comes from the heart.”

Many people stopped to have long conversations with the team on why they think this is so important, how Americans can help, and how supportive they are of the End CCP team. People’s appreciation was great and sincere. Block Island welcomed the End CCP with open arms and the July 4th activities were a massive success!

If you or anyone you know would like to invite the End CCP team to participate in raising awareness activities like Paul did with Block Island, you can use the ‘Contact Us’ button to discuss arranging something. 

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