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Village Secretary Changes His Attitude


 Yun Er, Shandong Province | Minghui

On a hot summer day, I went to a community fair in a nearby village to distribute informational materials about Falun Gong.

At a small factory near the entrance of the village, I talked to a few people and persuaded them to quit the Chinese Communist Party. As I was talking to a young couple in the village, a man with a dark face came over and snatched my bag with Falun Gong materials in it.

“How dare you distribute these things here! Falun Gong is against the Chinese Communist Party!” As he was shouting at me, he picked up a branch on the ground and began to hit me on the head. “I will beat you to death, you old woman (I was 79 back then)!”

I remembered Falun Gong’s teachings of not fighting back when being beaten or cursed at. I sat down on a rock and said to him, “Go ahead. I don’t feel any pain.” He threw away the branch, went back to his motorcycle, and left.

A villager walked over and said to me, “He is our village secretary. He must have gone to report you to the police. You’d better leave now.” I went to the bus station and got onto a bus, only to realize that my bus pass was in the bag that the village secretary had taken. With no cash to pay the fare, I had to get off.

I returned to the village and found the secretary to ask for my bag. “I turned it in. There is no way you can get it back!” he said to me.

Without the bus pass, what could I do? I returned to the bus station. A driver that I’d talked to before recognized me and gave me a ride home.

Four days later, I returned to the village, still trying to get my bag back. It happened that the village secretary was sitting in the reception room of the small factory where I stopped by the last time. I walked up to him, “Hello! I’m sorry I made you mad last time. I apologize.”

To my surprise, he took out my bag and gave it to me. “You have 20 yuan and a bus pass in the bag. You came all the way here to save people. It’s really not easy!” He gave me a cup of tea and asked me to have a seat.

It turned out that he’d read the materials in my bag and understood the facts. I further clarified to him why the Chinese Communist Party persecutes Falun Gong and the propaganda it has spread to target the practice. I also urged him to quit the Party, as it has caused so much damage to our country. He agreed to quit the Party, and another person nearby who overheard our conversation also quit the Young Pioneers.

Before I left, the village secretary asked to keep some of the materials for his family to read. He sent me off smiling like we were good friends.

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