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The Term ‘People’s Republic of China’ is a Lie

A parade in Flushing, New York, to convey the truth to the people of the free society. , and called on people of justice to respond to the tide of nearly 400 million Chinese people quitting the CCP, regiments, and teams. (Dai Bing/Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP)


When we examine the 100-year history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the 73-year history of the so-called “People’s Republic of China,”—the term the CCP called China upon its fall to communism in 1949—it’s clear the term is a lie.

CCP’s Roots are Different from that of China

The progenitors of the CCP are Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, who are from the West. As such, the CCP and its affiliated organization are often referred to as the children or descendants of Marx and Lenin. Meanwhile, the Chinese nation traces its traditional culture to the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi) and the Yan Emperor (Yandi), and the Chinese people are therefore referred to as the children or descendants of Huang and Yan.

The CCP’s ideological origin traces back to the Communist Manifesto, published by Marx in 1848. At its core are atheism, class struggle, and the theory of evolution.

“Communists do not care to conceal their views and intentions. They openly declare that their aims can only be achieved by the violent overthrow of the whole existing social system,” Marx wrote.

In plain language, the communists aim to violently overthrow the ruling powers of all countries in the world. By positioning himself and other communists as the enemy of “the whole existing social system,” Marx has effectively spurred on the most aggressive international terrorism effort in the world.

Meanwhile, the heart of the Chinese nation’s culture traces back to Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, the three predominant belief systems or spiritual ways in China that values respect for ancestors, heaven and earth, and gods and Buddhas.

Confucianism speaks of “benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faith.” Buddhism teaches one to steer away from evil, do good deeds, and purify one’s intentions. And Taoism teaches that “Man follows the laws of the earth, the earth follows the laws of heaven, the heaven follows the laws of the Tao, and the Tao follows the laws of nature.” The three spiritual practices or faiths originate from the divine. Traditional Chinese culture is therefore called a divinely-inspired culture.

CCP’s Ideological Origins Are Opposite to China’s

The ideological origin of the CCP is completely opposed to that of the Chinese nation.

The CCP was established under the control of a hostile foreign power, the Russian Bolsheviks (later called the Communist Party of the Soviet Union). The CCP had two immediate objectives: firstly, to subvert the legitimate ruling power in China at the time—the Republic of China; and secondly, to establish a vassal state on Chinese soil in the interest of the Soviet Union.

The Communist International (Comintern) was an international organization established by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for the benefit of the Soviet Union. The Comintern was subordinate to the Soviet Communist Party.

In April 1920, Comintern representative Vyshinsky was appointed to form the Chinese Communist Party, which was founded in Shanghai in August 1920, with Chen Duxiu elected as secretary. The publications of the Communist International put the founding of the CCP in August 1920.

In July 1921, the delegates of the Communist International, Nikolsky and Marin, led the first national congress of the CCP in Shanghai, and in July 1922, the Second Congress of the CCP adopted the “Resolution on Joining the Communist International,” which made the CCP a branch of the Communist International and subordinate to it.

The fact that the CCP joined the Comintern meant that the CCP had to follow the orders of the Soviet Union—and so it did.

Predecessor of the ‘People’s Republic of China’ Was Also Anti-Chinese

The predecessor of the “People’s Republic of China” was the “Chinese Soviet Republic,” which was established in Ruijin, Jiangxi Province, on Nov. 7, 1931, by the Soviet Union. This “Chinese Soviet Republic” fully reflected its anti-Chinese nature.

First, it was an anti-Chinese regime established at the time of the Japanese invasion of the three northeastern provinces of China and the national tragedy.

Second, it was a “state within a state” established within the territory of the Republic of China. It openly declared that “from now on, there will be two different countries within the borders of China”—that of China itself and the “communist independence.” This was an act of subverting the legitimate government of China with the support of foreign forces.

Third, Article 14 of the Outline of the Constitution of the Chinese Soviet Republic said that “The Chinese Soviet regime recognizes the right of national self-determination of the national minorities in China, all the way to the right of the weaker nationalities to secede from China and form an independent state of their own.”

At that time, the CCP not only took the lead in “communist independence,” but also “incited” the Mongolians, Hui, Tibetans, Miao, Li, Koryo, and other ethnic minorities in China to engage in “Mongolian independence,” “Hui independence,” “Tibetan independence,” “Miao independence,” “Li independence,” “Koryo independence,” without caring whether the Republic of China would essentially split up.

Fourth, Nov. 7, the founding of the “Chinese Soviet Republic,” is also the national day of the Soviet Union.

Fifth, its name, body, flag, emblem, and official name all bore Soviet colors. The name of the country has “Soviet” in it. Its parliament was called “Central Executive Committee,” its government was called “People’s Committee,” and its prime minister was called “Chairman of the People’s Committee.” All these names reflect those used by the Soviet Union. Its coins bear the head of Lenin, the leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Sixth, its foreign manifesto said that it was “the best friend and ally of the Soviet Union, the only motherland of the proletariat in the world.”

Seventh, it was established almost under the auspices of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which, according to the “Outline of the History of Sino-Soviet Relations” published by Xinhua Publishing House on June 1, 2007, the Soviet Communist Party “devoted a great deal of manpower, material and energy” to the establishment of the “Chinese Soviet Republic” and “did everything, almost to the end.”

In the 28 years between 1921 and 1949, the CCP, with the support of the Soviet Union, did everything possible to incite subversion and subvert the legitimate regime of China—the Republic of China.

CCP’s Actions Sought to Undermine, Destroy China’s Core

In the 73 years between the establishment of the CCP on Oct. 1, 1949, and today in 2022, the CCP has carried out three main actions.

First, the regime launched dozens of bloody and brutal political campaigns that enabled it to establish a totalitarian state that surpassed all authoritarian regimes past and present.

Second, the CCP continuously “revolutionized” Chinese intellectuals, especially through the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976) in which it sought to systematically destroy 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture. 

Such efforts included warping Chinese characters to modern Chinese, destroying the three Confucian temples (the Confucius Temple, the Confucius Forest, and the Kong Family Mansion), digging up ancestral tombs, destroying various cultural relics, “Communizing” orthodox religions such as Buddhism and Taoism, and imposing the CCP’s own culture of “fighting with heaven, earth and man” onto the populace in an attempt to replace traditional Chinese culture.

Third, the CCP unconditionally gave Russia and other countries over 1.7 million square kilometers of land in the northeast, northwest, and southwest of China. The land size would be equivalent to over 40 times the size of Taiwan.

The CCP not only has different roots and origins from China. It is also the destroyer of Chinese civilization.

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