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Auckland, New Zealand: Celebrating 390 Million Resignations from the Chinese Communist Party

Kerry Gore, a human rights lawyer in New Zealand


Falun Dafa practitioners held a rally and group practice in Auckland, New Zealand, on April 16 to celebrate the 390 million people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Practitioners demonstrated the exercises, and the peaceful music attracted many passersby who joined them.

Five practitioners addressed the rally, telling the listeners how, since 1999, the CCP has persecuted practitioners who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and even harvested their organs for profit in the organ transplant industry. They hope that more people will wake up to the CCP’s lies and renounce the Party.

Auckland Refugee Council Member: This Is a Peaceful Resistance to the CCP’s Lies

Michael Zhuang from China, now living in Auckland and a member of the Refugee Council, is an advocate for democracy in China. Zhuang gave a speech at the rally: “I’m Michael Zhuang. Currently I work for the Auckland Refugee Council, and I’ve met many people who are escaping persecution from the CCP in China, many of them being Falun Gong practitioners. 

Michael Zhuang from China supports Falun Gong practitioners

-Purpose of my speech: why is it important for people to quit the CCP?

-Lots of people may wonder what’s the deal about the CCP and why are we calling for Chinese people to quit it or why are we signing a petition to End the CCP. 

-It’s been 23 years since the CCP launched a cruel campaign of terror towards peaceful Falun Gong practitioners, and for 23 years Falun Gong practitioners worldwide have campaigned peacefully clarified the truth about the persectuion in China.

 -The importance for Chinese people to quit the CCP: The CCP is in every single aspect of people’s lives in China, and it functions essentially as a dangerous cult. From the TV to the Internet, everything is controlled by the CCP and filled with their propaganda. Ever since you’re a young child, it is compulsory to join communist Young Pioneer and Youth Leagueat school (kinda like Hitler’s youth in Nazi Germany). You’re educated to love the party and it’s leaders/dictators. If you’re an ethnic minority in China (Uighur, Tibetan etc.), it’s even worse. There are schools that functions like brainwashing camps for hundreds of thousands of Uighur children whose parents are locked up in concentration camps. 

-The CCP’s cultic nature: You cannot leave the CCP. They’ll never let you leave, and they seek to control everyone’s thoughts and ideals. Independent thought is an abomination to them. That’s why they cannot tolerate Falun Dafa practitioners because they offered an alternative. China is one of the least free countries in the world under the CCP.

-Unfortunately, the CCP’s brainwashing and cultic form of propaganda has influenced an overwhelming majority of Chinese people. Even outside of China, it is common for many Chinese people to still read CCP propaganda “news” because that’s all they know. Ever since they were children, they were taught to believe only one thing – the CCP. This is why the CCP has a huge influence on the Chinese community even in NZ. China wants those who support the CCP to infiltrate every level of western society. They want CCP members/supporters to be in foreign companies, governments etc. in order to normalize the CCP today although nothing that the CCP is doing is anywhere near normal. 

-Therefore, it is quintessential for many Chinese people to know the truth about the CCP and to renounce their pledges of allegiance to the CCP ever since they were children. It is fair to say that everyone living in China has at one stage willingly or unwillingly pledged their support to the CCP because it’s compulsory. 

-Today we’re here celebrating the people who have quit the CCP. Even in China today, you can often pickup phone calls from overseas volunteers telling people the truth about the CCP and asking them to renounce the party. And on the streets, many people have seen petitions to end the CCP. This is a peaceful resistance to the CCP’s lies, and Falun Gong practitioners are seeking to share the truth about the CCP. 

-If you still wonder what the CCP is about and why it is important to us. Feel free to stop by. There are many volunteers here who would share with you what they’ve experienced under the CCP and why is it important in NZ for us to be alarmed by the CCP’s influence.”

Human Rights Lawyer: Quitting the CCP Is the Most Welcome News

Kerry Gore, a renowned human rights lawyer from New Zealand called in the past on the New Zealand government to strongly oppose and help stop the CCP’s crimes against humanity. He said in the event: “Thank you for the opportunity to speak at today’s event. Congratulations to the Global Quit Chinese Communist Party Service Center for all of its hard work over 18 years in enabling 394 Million Chinese people to quit The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations:  The Youth League and The Young Pioneers. 

This is most welcome news and it is not at all surprising that this tide of withdrawals has happened. As even the most recent Amnesty International Annual Report on China for 2021 records: The human rights situation in China has continued to deteriorate. Human rights lawyers and activists have continued to report harassment and intimidation; unfair trials; arbitrary, incommunicado and lengthy detention; and torture and other ill treatment for simple exercising their right to freedom of expression and other human rights. The government (i.e. the CCP) continued a campaign of political indoctrination, arbitrary mass detention, torture and forced cultural assimilation against Muslims living in Xinjiang.  The National Security Law for Hong Kong enabled human rights violations which are unprecedented since the establishment of the Special Administrative Region.

The CCP took extreme measures to prevent free communications, independent investigations and accurate reporting from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xinjiang) and the Tibet Autonomous Region (Tibet).  Human rights violations therefore cannot be properly investigated, and so, human rights violators are not held to account for their actions and thus a culture of impunity continues to exist in those areas which can only encourage further persecution of Uyghurs and Tibetans.

Falun Gong practitioners, and House Church Christians have also been subjected to various forms of persecution comprising unlawful arrest, arbitrary detention, physical torture, psychological torture, brainwashing, slave labor, all in an effort to force believers to abandon their faith. Falun Gong practitioners and some House Church Christians have also been subjected to forced live organ harvesting of their vital organs. This is a form of state-sanctioned murder.

It would be a mistake to think that this has no relevance to us here in the West.

On the contrary, the CCP’s increasing militarization of the South China Sea, its threats to invade Taiwan, its one belt, one road initiative, all point to an insatiable desire for hegemony. Its geopolitical ambitions should therefore be of grave concern to all of us. Its deep hostility towards and hatred of democracy is made very clear in its persecution of pro-democracy advocates in China. We should not labor under the illusion that the CCP is a friend of democracy. It is not. Neither is it capable of reform. Its ambition is to realize the vision of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as articulated in their book, The Communist Manifesto, i.e. an international communist order. 

In a country like China where basic human rights and freedoms are routinely violated, where civil liberties are denied, where the Rule of Law simply does not exist, where there is no independence of the judiciary, where persecution is commonplace and human rights violators act with impunity, there can, of course, be no loyalty to the CCP, the regime responsible for these evils.

It deserves no loyalty. It invites only condemnation.”

The Tian Guo Marching Band performed

Project Manager of Christian Church Condemns the CCP’s State-sanctioned Live Organ Harvesting

Dr. Stuart Vogel is the project manager of a Christian church. He came to support the event. He said that the CCP’s state-sanctioned organ harvesting from live Falun Dafa practitioners reminded him of the Nazi Germany’s use of Jews for human experimentation during World War II. This is the most terrifying page in Europe’s history. As long as there is a dictator, whether it’s Hitler or the CCP, the same thing happens.

Dr. Stuart Vogel

Mr. Vogel praised the Tian Guo Marching Band, the Dragon dancers, and the Waist drummers. He said that the performers and their children were friends and neighbors. “Falun Gong practitioners don’t just practice, they also have such activities and performances. Cultural communication shortens the distance between people.”

The CCP Is Not China

Chris from Australia was in New Zealand visiting his family. He is in the tourism industry and has traveled to many countries. He said, “I love the Chinese people, but the CCP is not good, because there are no human rights, no freedom of speech, and no freedom in the media. The CCP suppresses Falun Gong and other ethnic groups. It threatens Taiwan and concealed the Wuhan virus. The CCP is afraid of all other organizations, including religious organizations. Those churches have surveillance cameras, and they are all CCP (Party members). Those Confucius Institutes all over the world are trying to get the whole world brainwashed. Their media is lying, and the purpose is to gain control.”

Chris said he recently saw the movie “Unsilenced,” which was released in Auckland. He said that the reason why the film was good was that, even though the events happened to one person, it made us see what many people are going through.

He said, “The CCP persecution has gone on for too long. The Chinese people have endured this kind of suffering for too long. Although I am not a fan of politics, I will read and learn so that I can understand the world and what is going on. The CCP is trying to categorize all dissidents as anti-China or racist. This is not true—the CCP is not the same as China, but they use all kinds of political and diplomatic tactics to keep people from criticizing them. They are very insidious.”

Falun Gong Welcomed

Nooroa Teko works for the Auckland City Council and manages the event venue. Because Falun Gong practitioners do the exercises in the central square, he often goes there to make sure everything is going smoothly. Sometimes he does the exercises with them.

He said, “Falun Gong practitioners practice here, and the response from passersby is very good. A high-level city government employee recommended that I practice it because she has started to practice herself, and she thinks it is very good.”

Nooroa said, “Although I am busy with work, I take half an hour to do the exercises with them when I have time. When I do the exercises, I can feel that my pain is lessening or disappearing. When I am not feeling well, I do the meditation. Even if I listen to the practice music, I can feel the bad things in my body disappearing. So beliefs play a big role. I like this (Falun Gong) very much.”

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