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End CCP Car Parade: Washington D.C. Tour, Think Tank Communications Director Tweets Solidarity


Linda, New York | Global Tuidang Center

As the weather became warmer and the flowers started to blossom, the Global Service Center
for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party “End CCP” New York volunteers went to Washington
D.C. for a car tour and petition signature collection. Nick Short, the Communications Director of
The Claremont Institute, who has 168,000 followers, happened to come across the End CCP car parade. He took the photo and tweeted to show his support.

“打倒中共恶魔”(End CCP)纽约车队在华盛顿DC车游,传递“拒绝中共 远离中共病毒”的信息。
“打倒中共恶魔”(End CCP)纽约车队在华盛顿DC车游,传递“拒绝中共 远离中共病毒”的信息。
End CCP New York car parade tours around in Washington D.C. and sends the message of
“End CCP, stay safe from the CCP Virus”
4月9日,华盛顿DC民众联署End CCP倡议。
On April 9th, people in Washington D.C. signed the End CCP petition together (Linda/Global
Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party)

These two days were the end of the cherry blossom season, and also coincided with the White
House’s annual Spring Garden Tour, which resumed for the first time in two years after being
suspended due to the epidemic. Washington D.C. was packed with visitors.

The End CCP car parade, that consists of more than 20 vehicles, drove around the Washington
Monument, the White House, Capitol Hill, and neighborhoods around Chinatown to show the
message: “CCP Virus Caused Worldwide Pandemic”, “CCP Corrupts the World”, “CCP
Destroys Humanity”, “Please Sign End CCP ” and other slogans. It drew people’s attention and
the car tour received nods of approval from drivers and people along the way.

Some drivers and tourists gave a thumbs up and took photos, some stopped to watch the car
parade banners, and watched the car parade go by. One bicycle rider saw the car parade, held
up his cell phone, and kept following behind the car parade to video it.

Nick Short, Communications Director for The Claremont Institute- a conservative California think
tank- was in Washington, D.C., on April 9th when he happened to come across the End CCP
car parade and took a photo of it for Twitter, writing: “Seen in D.C. yesterday. CCP Corrupts the
World!” Not only did many people see it, but many people liked and retweeted his tweet.

4月9日,华盛顿DC民众联署End CCP倡议。
At the same time, the volunteers collected signatures from people and tourists to sign the End
CCP petition. Many people saw the End CCP flyer and signed the petition immediately.

According to the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party, more than
4,500 people signed the petition in the past two days.

In front of the Washington Monument, five young people, all of whom signed the End CCP
initiative, also shouted together: “End CCP!” One of them, a girl named Arlette Morales, said
that “the CCP is unjust to the Chinese people and that it should be ended.”

4月9日,华盛顿DC民众联署End CCP倡议。
华盛顿DC的民众踊跃联署End CCP倡议。

April 9th, People in Washington D.C. signed the End CCP petition.

A girl who signed the End CCP petition, Blen, said that “the Communist Party is bad and
everyone should be treated equally, including the Chinese.”

A boy read the End CCP flyer and immediately signed the petition. He said, “Communism
oppresses Chinese people and it should end, so I signed.”

The End CCP movement is in full swing around the world. The Chinese Communist Party’s
deception has triggered the COVID-19 global pandemic. The recent “city closure” and “zeroing
out” policies on the mainland have exposed the violent, rogue, and anti-human nature of the
Chinese Communist Party. People all over the world have seen the evil nature of the CCP more
clearly now. As of April 10th, the global “End CCP” campaign has reached 2,108,763

Help end Communism world wide. Sign the End CCP Petition at