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Hundreds of People in Israel Call for End to Chinese Communist Party

People signing the EndCCP petition, at the event in Jerusalem - Credit: EndCCP Israeli team

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At an event held by volunteers in Israel, more than a hundred people joined in calling for an end to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“[The CCP] should be annihilated, for sure they should be annihilated,” said one man who met with volunteers at the End CCP event in Jerusalem on April 8, 2022.

The event, held near the Jaffa Gate at the Old City of Jerusalem, lasted over four hours, where volunteers set up huge posters to expose various crimes committed by the CCP and handed out flyers in Hebrew and Arabic.

End CCP activity at Jaffa gate, Jerusalem – Credit: EndCCP Israeli team

It was Friday. Most of the passersby were Muslim people who were returning from the Ramadan holiday prayers in the large Mosque located in the Old City. Other passersby were Jewish people, as well as some tourists from various countries.

Around 400 people signed a petition calling an end to the CCP. Among them were religious Muslims, as well as religious and secular Jewish people, and other tourists.

The event was held under official permission from Jerusalem’s municipality. One of the posters mentioned that to-date, over 2 million people around the world have joined in calling an end to the CCP.

A man told End CCP volunteers: “What you are doing is really important.”

Another man, who said he was religious, said, “It’s a big problem when people don’t believe in God,” referring to the CCP’s persecution of people of faith in China.

A banners showing the Chinese persecution of Falun Dafa – Credit: EndCCP Israeli team

A Christian man, who was reading the End CCP poster that exposed the CCP’s crimes against Uyghurs, told Tuidang volunteers: “They also kill Christians.” The volunteer responded, “Yes. There is not enough space [on the poster] to document all their crimes.”

One passerby showed interest in signing the petition, telling Tuidang volunteers he has heard about the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. He also said he was interested in joining a protest against the persecution in front of the Chinese embassy.

Distributing Flyers to passerby – Credit: EndCCP Israeli team

One day before the event, Jerusalem-based newspaper “Kol Ha’ir” published an opinion article by an Israeli volunteer with the End CCP group. The information about the event was also published in a few large Israeli Telegram and Whatsapp groups. 

Israeli End CCP volunteers reported that after the event and the online publications, at least seven people from Israel signed the End CCP petition online, at

Help end Communism world wide. Sign the End CCP Petition at