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Turkey: Signature Drive to End the Chinese Communist Party Held in Istanbul



The public showed great interest in the End CCP (Chinese Communist Party) event, which was held few months ago by Falun Dafa practitioners in Beşiktaş, one of the most vibrant districts in Istanbul.

A political party was scheduled to hold a press conference in the same area in the afternoon. While preparations were being made for that event, a practitioner took brochures and petition forms over to the press release area. When the women heard about the “End the CCP” campaign, they were very receptive and thanked the practitioners for doing this work. In addition, several of the women went to the Falun Dafa event and prayed loudly for practitioners. They said that more people should be sensitive to this situation and that there should be more people like practitioners.

Serap is a teacher and also the head of education in the Beşiktaş District for the Felicity Party, an ultra-conservative political party in Turkey.

Serap Agac (Felicity Party’s Beşiktaş District Education Head)

There was a group of Uyghur Turks in the same area. Serap first supported the Uyghur Turks’ signature campaign and later became very upset when she heard about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners and the extent of the CCP’s forced organ harvesting from Falun Dafa practitioners. She took a petition from the practitioners and went to the crowd that had gathered to have it signed one by one.

The women’s branch of the party also called the head of the district and allowed practitioners to explain the End CCP campaign. They were very interested and said that if people worked together, they would have more voices.

Serap, who examined all the informational materials, said, “Good luck to you. What a wonderful thing you are doing and how happy you are! I respect all faiths, and this persecution must end.”

Several Uyghur Turks came over and told the practitioners about their own persecution and crimes committed by the CCP. They were innocent and sincere young people who took every opportunity to make their voices heard, and they called on China to allow them to reunite with their families. They shared their understandings with practitioners so that they could do more together. One of them was the director of Uyghur News. Another was from the Free Asian media and interviewed a practitioner.

Semsiye Ali said, “When I was in East Turkestan, the Chinese government was saying that Falun Dafa was harmful and violent. I don’t think so, so I came to support you. I am with you. I have been living in Turkey since 2015. I am a Uyghur Turk and I am a student at the School of Nursing in Turkey. Since I live in Turkey, I have no contact with my family. My father sent me to Turkey to study at the university. My father has been held in a detention camp by the CCP since 2017.”

Semsiye Ali (Uyghur Turk)

Medina Nazmi has lived in Turkey since 2009 and is a Turkish citizen. She was the interpreter. She said, “We were happy to see the Falun Dafa activity. Everyone has the right to walk the path they believe in. We live in the 21st Century, and everyone is free to do what they believe. When we lived in Xinjiang, we were young and used to watch the Chinese government programs that disparaged Falun Gong. But now I have grown up and I know the truth and I know that Falun Dafa is not bad. Everyone is free to follow their belief. I support the actions of Falun Dafa practitioners.”

Medina Nazmi (Uyghur Turk) singning the End CCP petition

Practitioners gathered nearly a hundred signatures throughout the day in Istanbul.

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