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Calling from Taiwan, Helping Chinese Communist Party Members to Quit

Streets of Taipei Taiwan - credit: pinterest


Falun Dafa practitioners from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli and other places in Taiwan held a conference on January 9, 2022, where they discussed their experiences with Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s member they talk to convince them to renounce their membership.

Chin Lian has been explaining the truth about the Falun Dafa persecution and the evil party, through the Internet for more than ten years. After she joined the phone team to call people in China she had new cultivation opportunities, including difficulties in her family environment.

Her family owns a car repair shop. She helps out by taking care of the shop. When her husband repairs cars, he sometimes makes loud noises. Her two granddaughters also run and play around inside the shop. Chin Lian overcomes many challenges like these while she participates in calling Chinese from mainland.

One day while her husband was repairing a car, a pump made a loud noise. She was afraid that the person on the other end of the phone call would not hear clearly so she spoke louder. The man quietly listened and then told Chin Lian that he was a member of the CCP. He agreed to quit the CCP and then asked, “Didn’t you know that I am in a Party meeting? Why did you call me at this time?” Chin Lian said, “For your peace of mind.” The man thanked her.

Another time, a member of the CCP said he was very busy as soon as he answered the phone and kept telling Chin Lian to hurry up. She said, “You keep urging me to hurry and it makes me nervous.”

The man said, “Don’t be nervous. Just hurry and tell me.” When Chin Lian finished, the man said happily, “I’m a Party member. Please help me quit the CCP.”

Another person who answered Chin Lian’s phone call said, “I’m a senior Party member. I want to quit the Party.” When Chin Lian finished helping him quit, he sent her a message on WeChat saying, “I lied. I’m not a Party member.”

Chin Lian called him back and said, “Since the CCP took power in China, 80 million people have been persecuted to death. The CCP even conducts organ harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners for profit. It has committed countless crimes. If people don’t quit the Party, they will be held accountable for it’s crimes. When earthquakes, floods, and plagues come, why are some people safe but others die?”

“I tell you this information because I wish you to stay away from disasters, for a safe future. You deceived me as well as the divine beings today. Can they protect you? Will you be safe?” The man said he did wrong and apologized.

Chin Lian asked him again if he had joined the CCP. He said he was a member of the Communist Young Pioneers. She helped him quit his membership. He thanked her and said he appreciated her help.

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