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Taiwan: People from Mainland China Quit the Chinese Communist Party

A Falun Dafa activity in Taipei, Taiwan. - Credit: Minghui

 Zheng Yuyan | Minghui

Falun Dafa practitioners out of China have used all kinds of channels and means to awaken the conscience of all people, especially the Chinese people. Ms. Cai Feng in Taiwan is one of them.

Young Person Finds True Chinese History

After practicing Dafa for two years, Ms. Cai thought, “For such a wonderful practice, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fabricated lies to defame and slander it. I should tell about it to people.”

She then went to the sightseeing sites, where there were many Chinese tourists, held up display boards, and tried to awaken the tourists’ conscience. She said that after they learned about the persecution of Falun Dafa, many of them quit the CCP and its youth organizations. She helped more than 300 people quit the CCP.

One day, a young person came to the truth-clarification site to “look for Chinese history.” He was a mainland Chinese student studying for his postgraduate degree in Taiwan. He felt the history he learned from back home wasn’t truthful, so he came to the sightseeing spots to look for the true history. He read the display boards very carefully and kept asking questions, which Ms. Cai was able to answer.

She talked about the evil nature of the CCP and the history of the persecution. The young man took more brochures before he left, including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Internet Users in China Awaken

After the pandemic started, sightseeing came to a halt. Since there were no more tourists from China, Ms. Cai turned to learning how to use the internet to make calls to clarify the truth to people in China, as most Chinese people have access to the Internet. She figured out that one piece of information can be seen by hundreds of online users at the same time.

She said, “Many people have seen and heard about the truth. Every time when I made a call, as soon as I told them I was a volunteer for helping people quit the CCP, before I even said something else, the other party already agreed to quit the CCP. Some even had their pseudonym and nickname ready, just waiting for us to help them register online.”

On December 10, after a man quit the CCP with the pseudonym “Qingping,” he sent Ms. Cai a message, “Thank you! Sincerely yours, Qingping.”

One time, a person who had listened to her left a message, “What you said to me, I didn’t quite understand. I don’t belong to any organizations, as I am a farmer at the lowest level.”

Ms. Cai decided to give him a call. Knowing he didn’t understand the meaning and significance for one to quit the CCP, she started with “The media has reported a global pandemic. At this critical time, it is most important to protect yourself and your family.”

Then she mentioned the traditional Chinese principle that good will be rewarded and evil will be punished, and that natural and man-made disasters are warnings from Heaven.

She also spoke of historical lessons from the persecution of Christians in the ancient Roman Empire, which resulted in four great plagues and led to the downfall of the empire. She said this history was being repeated in China.

Additionally, she talked about how the CCP cruelly persecuted Dafa and its practitioners and how it framed Dafa with the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax.

She also spoke about how the CCP harvested practitioners’ organs for profit and how it would be condemned by Heaven.

Ms. Cai also said, “When people in the past faced calamities, they always begged for protection from Buddhas and Gods. Isn’t this plague targeting the CCP? Its members will suffer because of it.

“Only by quitting the CCP and its youth organizations can people ensure their safety when Heaven punishes it,” she said. Then she asked if the man understood why he had to quit the CCP. “Yes, I do,” he replied.

Another internet user shouted after receiving a call, “The era of the great awakening–we are all awakened. Thank you! You work very hard!”

An internet friend said, “The truth you sent over this morning is amazing! It helps me understand the darkness of the CCP’s society. “We live in pain and desperation, and I truly hope the CCP will collapse tomorrow,” he said. After he quit his memberships in the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers, he asked Ms. Cai to mail him more information.

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