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New York Residents Sign Petition to ‘End CCP,’ Call to Hold the Chinese Regime Accountable for the Pandemic

Locals sign the petition in the rain to “End the CCP,” in upstate New York, in May 2021. (Global Tuidang Center)
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Dan Lin | Epoch Times NY

As calls grow around the world for a transparent inquiry into the origins of the novel coronavirus, also called the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, the Global Tuidang Center in New York has been sharing with people the message that the CCP is the root cause of the pandemic, and that rejecting the CCP can save one’s life.

The Tuidang Center’s car tour, themed “ending the CCP” has continued its weekly trips to New York state. The trips have received positive feedback from locals. 

To-date, the number of people who have signed the End CCP petition around the world have reached over a million.

Tour Around Hudson River, New York, Welcomed by Locals

Many locals welcomed and supported the car tour when it traveled to the United States Military Academy, Newburgh, and Woodbury, attracting ample attention.

The motorcade carried messages such as “Eliminate the Evil CCP,” “the CCP is the Real Source of the Virus of the Pandemic,” “CCP Lied, People Died,” and “Quit the CCP Can Save Lives,” conveyed the truth to the community that the CCP is the root cause of the global disaster.

Many residents signed the petition to “End the CCP.”

In late May, 209 Republicans from the House of Representatives called on the federal government to reinvestigate the origins of the virus and bring the CCP to justice for its pandemic coverup.

U.S. President Joe Biden in late May also ordered the CIA to collect more information about the pandemic and present a new report about the real source of the virus within 3 months. 

The End CCP car tour traveled to the Upstate New York two weeks in a row, bringing the messages “The CCP is the real source of the pandemic” and “Reject the CCP, Stay safe from the Virus” to the community, in May 2021. (Global Tuidang Centre)

Residents Sign the Petition: The World Unites to End the CCP!

When the car tour visited NewBurgh of Orange, a man approached the motorcade and quickly signed the petition. He told Tuidang Center volunteers, “To end the CCP is a global mission, the entire world should unite to bring an end to the tyranny of the evil CCP!”

H Glal先生在EndCCP车队前说,共产党感到一切都是对它的威胁,因为它快完蛋了!
Mr H.G. commented in front of the motorcade that the CCP felt being threatened everywhere as it is going to be eliminated very soon! (Global Tuidang Centre)

The man, Mr H.G., expressed sympathy for practitioners of Falun Gong, who are being persecuted by the CCP in China.

“I support Falun Gong, but the CCP is still persecuting them, attempting to eliminate them and deprive their right of freedom of speech. 

“Communism and socialism are deemed to fail anywhere in the world, you name them, Russia (the former Soviet Union), Cuba, and Venezuela. Too simple, it is anti-humanity in nature,” he told volunteers of the car tour.

Mr H.G. also expressed his wish to learn the Falun Dafa exercises, saying, “The exercises will empower me and bring me more wisdom.” 

He also added that he could not forget the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Finally, he said “Get out of Hong Kong, the CCP, and God bless Chinese people!”  

The End CCP motorcade is on the road, in May 2021. (Global Tuidang Centre)

More than a Million petitions were signed 

By the end of May 2021, 170 million people were reported to have been infected by the virus, of which 3.5 million people died. 

Behind this was the lie covered up by the evil CCP. 

When people saw the poster “CCP Lied, People Died,” they agreed wholeheartedly and signed the petition right away. Some even joined the volunteers in asking others to sign the petition.

Sign the End CCP petition here:

Help end Communism world wide. Sign the End CCP Petition at

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