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Toronto: People from China Call the “Quit the CCP” Call Center

Quit CCP parade in Brooklyn, NY Credit: Tuidang, quit CCP center

Zhang Yun | Minghui

To date,  over 380 million people have quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its affiliated organizations. Ms. Wang, who is a volunteer at the Quit the CCP (Tuidang) hotline in Toronto that operates 24 hours a day, said that recently an increasing number of Chinese citizens have renounced their membership. Many expressed interest in learning Falun Gong and asked for books on the teachings.

Quit the CCP Phone Number Found on Chinese Currency

Ms. Wang said, “At the start of the persecution, many people in China were hostile towards practitioners who phoned to tell them the facts about the practice due to the CCP’s propaganda that defamed Falun Gong. They either cursed us or slammed down the phone.

She continued, “Many people call us and ask to read the Nine Commentaries onthe Communist Party and to renounce their membership. They tell us they saw the hotline number on Chinese currency. Practitioners in China sometimes write our number on Chinese currency, and this has been extremely effective. A high percentage of the calls we get come from those who got the information on paper currency and these people come from all walks of life including government officials and ordinary citizens.”

In June, the call center received a phone call from a Mr. Chen (alias) in Guangzhou. He said, “Finally, I found you! I have been wanting to contact you but didn’t know how until I saw your number on a bill.”

Retired Cadre Helps His Family of Four Quit the CCP

A retired cadre from Northeast China called the Quit the CCP center asking to renounce his Party membership. He said he had seven brothers and sisters who are all professionals, including a senior engineer, a university lecturer, and a scientist. After he quit the CCP, Ms. Wang asked if he would suggest to his family members that they, too, quit the Party using aliases. He agreed without hesitation, “Sure, I will do that.” He later called back to say, “Four of them want to quit the CCP. Thank you!”

Students Hired by the CCP to Make Disruptive Phone Calls, also Quit the CCP

Ms. Wang said, “Most of the time, those who call the hotline number to curse us are hired by the CCP. The majority are college or high school students from different parts of China and different schools. Sometimes they call the number throughout the night.

“We know the CCP is using them, so we tell them the facts about Falun Gong. We explain why it is important to renounce the CCP and the truth about the persecution. Some of them understand and change their ways. A few even quit the CCP.

“One time, several students called to say, ‘We joined others to make phone calls to disrupt your operation. We realized it was a mistake and now we want to quit the CCP. A few people became ill after making annoying calls and we realized we have done something wrong. Please help us withdraw from the Party. Thank you!’”

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