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Breaking: “The Burning Down of the CCP Virus Statue In California Is An Attack on the US”

Burned CCP Virus Statue In California - credit: Guppy Dong
The statue after burning

Jennifer Zeng | JOURNALISM 我的報導

At approximately 6:00 p.m. on July 23, 2021, the statue of the “CCP(Chinese Communist Party) Virus” at the Southern California Liberty Sculpture Park was set on fire and burnt down. The statue’s author Chen Weiming said that this was the work of the Chinese Communist Party, while Guppy Dong, one of the founders of the Liberty Sculpture Park, said this action is an attack on the US.

Chen Weiming said, “Although they burnt the statue, we will still make a new statue of the CCP Virus and nail the CCP to the pillar of shame in history.”

CCP Virus Status Burnt Down

A statue of the CCP’s leader Xi Jinping, whose head was covered with the coronavirus, was unveiled at the Freedom Sculpture Park on June 4 this year, the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre.

The CCP Virus Status before it was burnt down.  Source:   Guppy Dong’s Facebook page
The CCP Virus Status before it was burnt down. Source: Guppy Dong’s Facebook page

On July 17, the statue was vandalized for the first time when a hole was cut in the statue and a strain of the virus was severed from the top of the statue. A volunteer saw a truck driving away after the driver found he was discovered.

First Attempt to Overturn the Status

Since the statue was first vandalized on July 17, volunteers have organized a night watch at the Liberty Sculpture Park.

“ We didn’t expect the culprits would be be so brazen as to set the fire in broad daylight,” Chen said. “The U.S. police also underestimated the power of the Chinese Communist Party’s abilities to mobilize culprits overseas. “

According to Chen, at 6 p.m. on July 23 , when it was still day time, residents near the Liberty Sculpture Park noticed a fire in the park and called the fire department, which arrived at 7 p.m. By that time when the firefighter arrived, the entire statue had been completely destroyed, with only the base remaining.

“The Communists hate and fear the statue so much that they want to destroy it and erase the damage this dictatorship has done to the world, but they won’t get away with it,” Chen told Voice of America.

Chen also told The Epoch Times that the statue of the CCP Virus has touched a sensitive nerve in the top echelons of the CCP and was a thorn in their side. That is why they have gone to great lengths to invade and destroy it again and again.

Chen vowed to sculpt a new statue of the “CCP Virus” and not let the Chinese Communist Party get away with it; the original pedestal will be used as a memorial site so that the burning incident will be remembered in history.

Both the local police and the FBI are now involved in the investigation of the burning of the statue of the “CCP Virus”. The Liberty Sculpture Park has provided evidence in its possession to assist in the investigation.

“This is An Attack on the US”

Guppy Dong, also a China affair commentator and columnist, said in his Facebook that the burning down of the CCP Virus statue is a challenge to and an attack on America. It is also a major international political event, given that this is the first CCP Virus statue in the world, the US is investigating the origin of the CCP virus, and almost every country in the world has been affected by the CCP virus.

On July 17, steel cables were tied to  the status with an attempt to pull down the status by a truck. Source:   Guppy Dong’s Facebook page
On July 17, steel cables were tied to the status with an attempt to pull down the status by a truck. Source: Guppy Dong’s Facebook page

“A Murder Attempt”?

According to Dong, he was on the night watch in the Liberty Sculpture Park on June 28, after he learned that the CCP was going to create an assassinate case on American soil that is similar to the assassination of Henry Liu (often known by his pen name Chiang Nan), who was was assassinated in the US in 1984.

Dong said, on the following two days, on June 29 and June 30, he had encountered two attacks on the highway after he left the Liberty Sculpture Park. The incident on the June 30 looked like a murder attempt, in which a UPS truck suddenly overtook him and then applied the brake abruptly.

After Dong realized the danger, he managed to overtake the truck and was driving at about 70 mile/hour when the truck suddenly cut into his lane. If he braked sharply, he risked a rollover; if he didn’t brake quickly enough, he may crush into the truck.

Dong said he didn’t know how he managed to survive this situation.

After Dong released the video and photos of the incident recorded by the camera in his car, it was found that the owner of the truck is Arowana Inc in California. The agent name is Meirong Fu, which is obviously a Chinese name.

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