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Chinese Immigrant Mr Ding Stands Up to Publicly Reject the Chinese Communist Party

Chinese immigrant Mr Ding stands up to publicly reject the Chinese Communist Party.

Fan Yi | Global Tuidang Center

Not many Chinese mainlanders are brave enough to publicly condemn the Chinese Communist Party. however, Mr Ding, an immigrant from mainland China, is one of them. On Feb 14, at a rally to “Support 370 million Chinese quitting the Chinese Communist Party” at Avondale Auckland West, New Zealand, Mr Ding gave a speech to raise the awareness of rejecting the infiltration of the CCP. 

Mr Ding was an entrepreneur in China and had lived there for over 40 years. He recounted his personal experiences in China that taught him a big lesson and led him to ultimately reject the CCP publicly.

Stock Market Trap

Mr Ding said that he used to be very loyal to the CCP and only cared about China’s successes, such as during the 2008 Olympics when he would concentrate on how many gold medals China won.

From 2007, he had started to invest in shares when the stock market was at its peak. 

“However, it did not last long before I lost money in 2009,” he said. “During 2008, the world financial crisis, the CCP misinformed us that America was to blame for the crisis and Wall Street is suffering greatly, while China was the only country that was strong in the economy and leading the world.

“Butt I started to think, ‘if the Chinese economy is very good, why does the stock market remain low here while the American market is showing signs of recovery?’ [I saw that] the American stock plunged to 6,000 points but then slowly picked up, whereas the Chinese market reached the highest 6,000 plus points but then plummeted all the way down.”

Mr Ding said that he noticed European countries’ economy had begun to weaken but they were slowly picking up, yet Chinese media spread rumors about how bad their economies were.

“Chinese media said China is great and strong economically, but why did the stock market not improve?” Mr Ding said. “We all know that the stock market is the indicator of economic performance. The stock market plunged so low and people who invested lost a lot of money! My losses in investing in the stock market was a wake up call for me and I started to pay attention to the difference [between what Chinese media reported and the reality].”

Mr Ding put in RMB 300,000, and lost RMB 300,000.

Chinese immigrant Mr Ding spoke on a rally featuring “Support 370 million Chinese quitting the Chinese Communist Party” at Avondale Auckland West, New Zealand, on Feb, 14, 2021.

Strongest Economy?

Mr Ding started to observe America after he lost out in the stock market.

“The US stock market started to climb, 11,000 points, 12,000 points and kept going up. But what we could hear from Chinese media was things like the American government was about to shut down, they had no money, and they also owed us so much money,” he said.

“So I asked myself, ‘why does the CCP say so many bad things about America when stock market has gone up?’”

He said that a CCP official gave a speech to reassure Chinese investors to be confident in China’s economy, but what he needed was proof.

“The American economic growth is just slightly above 1% or even minus growth yet their stock market has gone up. And stock markets in Germany, France and Europe have all gone up,” he observed.

Meanwhile, in China, the growth was supposedly, according to the China Statistics Bureau, economic growth was “double digits with an annual growth rate of above 10 percent,” Mr Ding said. “[It] looked great superficially though. So from then, I started to become suspicious of what the CCP was saying.”

“To be honest, I used to trust the CCP and had no doubts in my mind. All the information I received was from CCTV (China Central TV) news, its economics reports, domestic websites such as or, blocking me from all outside information,” he said. “But the loss in the stock market woke me up.”

‘Explore the Truth’

Mr Ding started to spend ample time in libraries researching the situation in countries like the United States, Britain, Greece, and other European countries. 

I was more open than before,” he said. “To be honest, it was media like New Tang Dynasty TV, The Epoch Times newspaper, and Sound of Hope radio that has helped me to change.”

He said that in 2009 his friend gave him VPN software to access online content that was restricted by the CCP. “I was surprised and started to absorb information from outlets such as The Epoch Times, Sound of Hope, and other sources of information like Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.” 

He continued, “They interviewed some scholars and celebrities, and their perspectives were enlightening. Bang, I felt I was reborn again! Once people know the truth, they become incisive and hard to be duped.”

He noted some examples of conflicting reports of these outlets compared to CCP state run media. “Reports about the Guang Dong Wukan Protest and the Wenzhou Train Collision are utterly opposite when I compare the media of CCP China and that of Epoch Times or New Tang Dynasty TV.”

“knew who had reported the truth, obviously, Epoch Times did. Once you are able to compare and more open, you will less likely to be cheated!” he said.

There were even examples about how CCP had lied about history. “I used to be taught that the CCP was so brave and powerful that it defeated Kuomintang and the Japanese army. But The Epoch Times helped readers to discern the truth. Think about it, where was the Japanese? The north, right? But why did the CCP march toward the west? Utterly different direction, it purely was a run-away. We were brainwashed and ignorant before, but now I am clear.”

He added “The uncensored content online were really mind-blowing.”

A Hard Lesson Learnt

Though Mr Ding started to wake up from 2009, it wasn’t deep enough. Reality taught him another tough lesson in 2015. 

Mr Ding started to invest in P2P, i.e. Financial Lease, or the so-called Internet Finance.  “It was operated through the Internet. You deposit your money and will be rewarded 10 percent or even higher interest rate per annum, with terms ranging from a quarter, biannually, yearly or triennially,” he said.

“The central government promoted this mode of internet finance with a slogan called mutual benefits. The CCP advertised it on the CCTV (China Central TV) extensively with all different State government offices boasting about the feasibility of this product, therefore, many people threw their money in.”

There was a platform of Internet Finance called “Ezubao.” Mr Ding invested RMB 500,000 in 2014. Unfortunately, in just half a year, 2015, the CCP declared it illegal and forfeited all the money. The entire RMB 500,000 was all gone. With the “Ezubao,” there were 1 million investors with a total investment of RMB 50 billion, according to the official statistics of the CCP government.

Mr Ding had no choice but to appeal. He said there were at least a few thousand people seeking appeal with the authority.

“I knew that it would possibly not make any difference by resorting to appeal, but I wanted to have a go. With so many people involved in such a large amount of money, the authority should at least offer solutions.”

He went to appeal on Jan. 2, 2015. 

“The CCP employed all sorts of tricks to fool its people. It firstly tried to appease us and arranged a high-ranking government official to speak to us. He said ‘Do not need to worry, this is the first-ever financial crime in CCP history. A special investigation team had been set up to solve the problem.’ They did not anything violent and maintained an orderly crowd, and we could voice out our request at that time.”

“However, on Jan. 7, the situation had suddenly changed. When I arrived at the National Public Complaints and Proposals Administration Office, the entire street was full of chartered buses with anti-riot policemen heavily guarded. They did not do anything until the number of people amassed to be about 70-80. A few hundred policemen flashed down from the buses and engulfed us and dragged us to the buses, then started to bash us.”

“In the beginning, the government acknowledged it was legal for us to appeal, however, in such a short time, it changed its attitude and marked us illegal. Then on Jan. 7, 2015, we were all under arrest.”

“We had WeChat groups, and some of the young people arrested at the police stations reported that they experienced blood tests and urine tests while in there. I could not understand what those tests for? But now I know—for live organ harvesting! Those young ones, their kidneys and livers are healthier!”

“When The Epoch Times reported about live organ harvesting, I somewhat could not believe it, but now, it happened just next to me. Those young ones who went on appeal were arrested, when they were released, they were asked to sign a guarantee letter not to tell anyone about their blood tests and urine tests. My assumption was that the young ones were lucky to be released only because their tissues were not matched, otherwise they could have been disappeared. In China under the CCP, the lives of Chinese were nothing different from those of ants.”

Mr Ding had been trying to fight for justice several times at the cost of being arrested, countless times with the treatment of bully and humiliation.“ I am obstinate in character, so I wanted to seek justice even though I knew probably all my efforts will end up in vain.”

Six years have passed and the RMB 500,000 Mr Ding invested had evaporated with nothing being returned. “I am just a drop in the ocean, others who have invested a few million or even a few hundred million got nothing back, too. I have completely seen clearly the nature of the CCP. 

“Ezubao” was the first P2P company that collapsed. Many others P2P companies followed suit. According to Mr Ding’s estimation, the victims of the financial crisis could reach tens of millions with a total loss of investment of a hundred million. 

The CCP’s Nature

Mr Ding said: “It is so naïve to talk about rule of law with the CCP, if someone tries to do so. It will deny what it said a second after it turns its head around. It is more evil than rascals, gangsters.” 

As an example, he said he was not surprised that the CCP claimed the Sino-British Joint Declaration invalid. 

“The CCP and the democratic countries are opposite,” he said. “The CCP will try all means to quash democracy and civilization … Taiwan is a good example and that is why the CCP has never given up any chance to claim Taiwan as a part of China.”

He also said the CCP is good at taking advantage, both internally and externally, of human weakness. 

You may ask why Mr Ding did not give up on the CCP completely until 2014 after he woke up from its lies in 2009? Mr Ding said he still harbored the illusion that the CCP was still in control of China and he might be rewarded somehow for being a follower of it.

“RMB 300,000 loss from the stock market and RMB 500,000 loss from P2P, all of which were 20 years’ of savings from his hard work, all gone, not to mention physical and mental suffering from the loss and fight,” he said reflected. “I slowly came to see clearly the CCP’s true nature after suffering financially, physically, and mentally.”

A Bit of Reflection

Although Mr Dinghas migrated to New Zealand with his families, he he felt he “had been brainwashed by the CCP for too long.”

“Not just me but all of those from mainland China have been poisoned, more or less. Examples of mentalities include freeloading, lack of credibility, taking advantage of the loopholes in welfare, and never acknowledging one’s fault,” Mr Ding said.

He is still trying very hard to purge the bad CCP-culture behaviors but it is hard as such behaviours have been there for over 40 years. He said, “look at the Westerners, or even Maoris, they are so pure and simple, and those attributes require higher education.

Mr Ding said that people must be humble to learn and stay ready to ask questions.

“While we enjoy the beauty of the blue sky and clean environment, we must ask ourselves, why it could be so different that, on the same planet, New Zealand could be such a beautiful country, but China cannot?”

“Give you a scenario. The heater was broken in the house I rented, and an electrician came in to repair it. When opened it, I saw the heater was made in 1976,” he said. “Back in 1976 in China, I lived in a tiny-sized home and five of us in my family all slept on the same bed made of bricks. None of us ever saw a heater! But here in NZ, people have their own private cars and live in three-bedroom houses. These houses would be called mansions in China, but here they are just homes of the average person. These houses were quite normal, everywhere. This is a huge difference!”

“If this land is poisoned by the CCP, then won’t my grandchildren suffer? I hope my descendants will be able to avoid the CCP’s persecution,” he said, adding, “It might be out of personal interest that I speak up because I want to protect them.”

He concluded, “I stand here today to tell my heartbroken experiences in the hope that people will learn the truth about the CCP.”

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