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Former Republican President: Chinese people are ready for a change

10th December, the former president of Missouri Ed Martin stated that over 369 million Chinese quitting the CCP is a sign of their readiness for the elimination of the CCP. 

November 2002, the Epoch Times published a series of “Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party” which explicitly exposed the CCP’s evil nature of anti-heaven, anti-earth, anti-humanity, and that has led to a soaring tide of the “Three Withdrawal”. Up till 10th December 2020, over 369 million Chinese have made their declaration of quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. 

Rui Cao said in his statement that over the years he had gradually seen clear of the evil nature of the CCP. When it came to its people, it talked about propriety, justice, honesty and honor, yet what it did to itself was just the opposite. It dared to utilize whatever means to rape interests in no awe of divine beings, it even wanted to replace God. Therefore he would like to publish his declaration. 

Shurong Wang stated: In every movement initiated by the CCP, it instigated people to fight with people, even to persecute those innocent people to secure its interests. This has resulted in a lack of honesty and the disappearance of trust among its people. People now believe merely in money and in order to gain money they dare to do anything. Therefore the divine is going to punish the evilness. In witnessing these, I decided to withdraw from the affiliated Youth Group and Pioneer Group of the CCP completely. This means that I have nullified the oath made when joining the above groups and I am ready for a bright future. 

“Hearing the news I am very excited, and I encourage them to do so. I think more andmore will be happening soon.” Martin said on Human Rights Day. 

He believes that Chinese people are ready for the disintegration of the CPP, just as the people of the Soviet Union were.

“We cannot live in a world where the Communist regime continues to corrupt the world and abuse its people, it’s not acceptable.”

“I think when the Soviet Union failed was because pressure from America, which we need to do, but it also was the people decided that they wanted a change. I think the Chinese people are ready for a change, and it’s going to be terribly difficult, the Chinese regime has shown they’ll continue to repress people.”

Jones Jone, president of the Marginalized Group project expressed that he was excited to see so many Chinese have shaken off the control of the CCP, “Quitting CCP is a beautiful thing. The people are waking up. Return freedom to China.”

Ali Alexander, one of the organizers of “Stop the Steal”, said that it is encouraging to see the Three Withdrawal. “It is very encouraging. This phenomenon may spread to become a trend. I stand with these Chinese people.”

As the number of quitting the CCP continuously grows, the US is also tightening its immigration and visa policies to the CCP members.  On 2nd October 2020, the USCIS announced a new rule to ban those who have joined the CCP from applying for American Green Card and immigration.   

3rd December, the US State Department acknowledged that a new rule was in effect for the visa application by those CCP members. According to the new rule, the length of the non-immigration visa (B1/B2) to CCP members and their immediate family members will be cut down from 10 years to just 1 month, single trip only.