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Declare Victory Over the Unrestricted Warfare Waged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – Chapter Two


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 Chapter Two: True Spiritual Significance of the Tuidang Movement

1. On the Communist Evil Specter’s Ultimate Goal

The communist evil specter aims to destroy humanity by obliterating the soul of mankind, turning human beings into “non-humans” without spirituality, morality, or character, leaving only the physical appearance of humans. Doing so completely severs mankind’s connection with the Divine. It is particularly crucial for people to understand that the real significance of the Tuidang movement is to save people from being destroyed by the evil communist specter.

In addition to its devastating destruction of thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture and morality, the evil communist specter has also used communist party “culture” and criminal actions to obliterate people’s souls.

For instance:

• The Chinese people are comprehensively and thoroughly brainwashed by the CCP from the cradle to the grave.

After gaining power in China, the CCP enacted numerous political movements such as “destroying the Four Olds” (i.e., old ideas, customs, culture, and habits) designed to negate all the achievements of human civilization, beat people, smashed and looted cultural treasures while labeling them “feudalistic, capitalistic and/or revisionist”. Literati brainwashed by communist doctrine directly abused the legacy of the emperors who reigned throughout the Chinese history as well as the memory of their own ancestors. Furthermore, they used the terms “autocracy” and “feudal society” to wipe out traditional culture. According to traditional Chinese culture, regardless of whether a person is religious or not, he/she would live by the heavenly principles of Buddhism and Taoism as well as Confucian moral values. Therefore, the CCP’s “thought reform” movement first selectively targeted these principles and people’s moral consciences. This is because the CCP’s materialistic “proletarian world view” recognizes no universal values or morals.

Generations of Chinese people have been brainwashed by and force-fed CCP’s ideologies to such an extent that they don’t realize that their capability to think independently has been lost. They falsely believe that their thoughts are generated by their own minds while in actuality, many of their thoughts are actually conditioned reflexes to various stimuli as a result of intentional CCP brainwashing. For example, every Chinese person has been taught since a very young age that there are foreign anti-China forces constantly plotting to topple the government, invade China and enslave Chinese people. As a result, whenever they hear any negative comments about the CCP, such people fear that anti-China forces are attacking and defend the CCP in a conditioned response, as if they themselves are being attacked.

• The CCP launched political movements accompanied by massacre after massacre to intimidate the Chinese people, thus keeping them silent out of fear of the evil communist regime.

The Great Famine of 1959-61 was man-made by the CCP not only to accomplice a large-scale population reduction, but also to destroy people’s hearts and spirits so, as a result, ordinary Chinese citizens would completely submit to the CCP for their own survival without the will to resist. One mainland Chinese research report estimates that 43 million people perished during the Great Famine between 1959 and 1961. Some scholars have estimated that the number of victims was even higher, between 60 million and 100 million, making it the largest genocide in human history. The Great Famine made the Chinese society “ready” for the “Gigantic Proletarian Cultural Revolution” which took place only four years later.

• School students were forced to witness executions while singing songs.

When missionary Raymond De Jaegher was living in Yan’an, he saw the following scene; one day, the CCP forced elementary school pupils to witness executions while compelling them to sing songs at the same time. After the execution, the children watched CCP soldiers cut off the victims’ heads and remove organs for eating. Many times, Father De Jaegher witnessed this brutality carried out directly in front of children. At the beginning, the children would cry hysterically upon seeing such horrors. Eventually however, they became numb to the killings and bloody scenes. Some even started to enjoy this kind of “excitement”.

2. Dissociating from Communism Results in Spiritual Liberation; Withdrawing from the CCP Protects from Catastrophe

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party empowers people to recognize the true nature of the CCP while enabling them to understand why the CCP has perpetrated so many irrational and brutal acts. It melts away the deceptive thoughts and evil theories instilled into people’s minds by the CCP’s brainwashing. It prompts people to search their souls which then leads to spiritual awakening. Once a person is free from the CCP’s brainwashing, he/she will no longer be controlled by the evil specter and will become capable of independent and rational thinking. When more and more Chinese people obtain spiritual liberation, the broader social environment in China will change. The evil communist specter will lose its feeding ground. Therefore, the evil’s manifestation in the human world, the Chinese Communist Party, will collapse.

Tuidang benefits individuals on the spiritual level. By denouncing one’s membership in the party, one erases the evil specter’s mark, removes him or herself from the specter’s snare and consequently escapes perishing along with the CCP. This is the spiritual awakening that Tuidang bestows upon people.

3. The Tuidang Movement Brings Hope to China and Humanity

Many people are concerned about who will govern China if the CCP collapses. Some even worry that China might slide into another civil war. Some businessmen and politicians are hoping the CCP will stay in power as long as possible so they can continue appropriating China’s resources for their own benefits while abusing the Chinese people.

The Chinese nation has been in existence for 5,000 years. Dynasties have come and gone but China still exists. The CCP’s regime is the darkest and evilest one throughout China’s entire history. The Chinese people will welcome the restoration of a spiritual and moral nation when the CCP no longer exists just as citizens of the former Eastern bloc communist countries emerged with better societies after their respective communist regimes collapsed.

The Tuidang movement is preparing China for the future by bringing about the Chinese people’s spiritual liberation from CCP’s control and restoring people’s connection with the Divine. Moral conscience and independent thinking will enable those who have been spiritually freed to become better people.

It is particularly important for Chinese government personnel, who have been educated by and worked under the CCP’s regime, to free themselves of party’s culture so they will avoid making the same mistake as some former communist government officials from the former Eastern bloc countries and the Soviet Union who returned their countries to authoritarian systems.

4. The Relationship between the Tuidang Movement and the CCP’s Demise

Many people have mistakenly viewed the Tuidang movement as a political movement aimed at overthrowing the CCP. However, there is no direct causality between the Tuidang movement and the CCP’s upcoming demise. The essence of the Tuidang movement lies in the spiritual awakening of each individual, whereas the CCP’s demise will be the inevitable consequence of its own satanic evil nature.

It is of vital importance for the Chinese people to know that, before the CCP’s disintegration, if they can clearly recognize its real evil nature and withdraw from the CCP and affiliated organizations, they will escape the misfortune of being eliminated along with the CCP.

At this turning point in history, the great wave of people quitting the Party is also paving the way for China to have a peaceful transition and for the world to usher in a wonderful future. As Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Parliament, proclaimed in July of 2012, “The Tuidang movement has brought to the international community a renewed vision of a world without communism through a peaceful and spiritual movement.”

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