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Declare Victory Over the Unrestricted Warfare Waged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: How the CCP interacts with the US and the Free World

The United States is a beacon of light for the free world. China is a country with 5,000 years of civilization but tortured by the Chinese Communist Party for decades. This report is not focused on the relationship between the free world and China, but on the relationship between the free world and the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish between the people of China and the CCP.

1. The CCP Plays the Major Role in the Communist Plan to Destroy Mankind

The Ultimate Goal of Communism points out that the most important target of the evil communist specter is the country of China. As a prelude to the destruction of mankind, the CCP has arranged to completely destroy traditional Chinese culture and moral values that would enable people to understand the Creators’ call to salvation. The evil specter has enabled the CCP to become economically strong, infiltrate the entire world through economic temptation and military intimidation, and become the leader for all of the evil communist forces in countries around the world. By destroying the morality of human society, the CCP is able to coerce the whole world into accepting its egregious and abhorrent human rights violations, especially the persecution of Falun Gong. By these means, the evil communist specter will achieve its ultimate goal of destroying mankind.

The Evil (Specter of Communism) Is Ruling Our World points out that the communist specter has already infiltrated the world and gradually changed the structures of political, economic, religious, cultural and educational elements in various countries. Human moral standards have been greatly weakened as has belief in God. As a result of the CCP’s infiltration and control of human societies, the moral fiber of mankind is collapsing, enabling the evil forces to succeed in the destruction of the mankind.

2. The Founding Principles of the United States

Freedom of religion was among the founding principles of the United States, giving citizens the inalienable right to worship God and to follow God’s commandments. The Declaration of Independence states, “We believe that the following truths are self-evident: People are born equal, and the creators give them certain inalienable rights, including the right to life, the right to freedom, and the right to pursue happiness. In order to protect these rights, human beings establish a government between them, and the legitimate power of the government is produced by the consent of the governed.

” The fundamental obligation of the government is to protect the rights and morality of human beings which were endowed by God. The United States implements the separation of church and state, but because it follows God’s commandments and protects human rights, the United States has become the most powerful country in the world. It also acts as the international policeman in world affairs to maintain universal peace and justice.

After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the United States became a new empire dominating the world. However, the infiltration of the communist evil specter into academia, business, entertainment, politics, foreign affairs and so on has become very serious, pushing the United States to slide down toward collapse. The communists want all aspects of American society to deteriorate, thus laying the foundation for the rise of Communist China.

Now the US government has realized the heavy extent of CCP infiltration into American life. Many have begun to take actions aimed at opposing the plot to weaken the United States and restoring traditional American values and belief in the Divine. The US government has set new guidelines for dealing with the CCP in trade and military containment in an attempt to fend off ongoing CCP infiltration not only of this country but of America’s allies as well. By holding true to its founding principles and learning from events in history, the United States is positioned to play a significant role in resisting the destruction of mankind by the evil specter of communism.

3. The United States Demonstrates Little Understanding of the CCP’s

Evilness Communism has infiltrated the entire world, especially Mainland China, where it usurped power in 1949. In history, the United States has had many opportunities to curb or eliminate communist forces, but has, for various reasons, lost these opportunities over and over again. Perhaps as a result of communism’s slow, stealthy infiltration of the West, societies in the West, especially the Unites States, have insufficient understanding of the evilness of communism. Here are a few examples.

Case I: Defeat or form Coalition with the CCP?

Background: The Chinese Civil War (1927 – 1949) between Soviet-backed CCP and Americanbacked KMT started shortly after the CCP was formed and during the Japanese invasion of China. In 1946, when the Soviets withdrew from China, the KMT was close to a complete victory over the CCP, which was struggling for survival.

America’s Options: A) Continue to support the KMT and help establish the Republic of China led by Chiang Kai-shek; B) Broker a cease-fire between the KMT and the CCP, ostensibly allowing the CCP to regroup and recover.

America’s Choice – Coalition: The United States mistakenly treated the CCP as a legitimate political party and chose option B. In June 1946, General George C. Marshall brokered a ceasefire between the KMT and the CCP in an attempt to create a coalition government. His attempt failed. During the four months of cease-fire negotiations, the CCP was able to regroup and recover its strength. In 1949, after President Truman refused further aid to the KMT, the CCP usurped power in Mainland China. The KMT retreated to Taiwan.

Negative Consequences: The CCP has always regarded the United States as its biggest threat. Shortly after it seized power, it waged two wars against the United States, the Korean War (1950-1953) and the Vietnam War (1965-1970). In both cases, the United States suffered bitter consequences.

Case II: Is CCP a Friend or an Opponent?

Background: The Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) devastated China on all fronts. An estimated 8 million people were killed and 100 million people were persecuted. In the 1970s, China was in dire economic and social straits. The CCP could barely cling to power.

America’s Options: The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was underway. The United States could: A) Take the opportunity to isolate and further weaken the CCP, a communist stronghold south of the Soviet Union; or B) Recruit the CCP as an ally in the Cold War against the USSR.

America’s Choice – Friend: With no clear understanding of the CCP’s real nature, the United States chose to ally with the CCP. Nixon’s 1971 visit to Beijing stunned the world as diplomatic relations were established between the United States and communist China. The CCP replaced Taiwan’s seat in the UN and became a member of the UN Security Council.

Negative Consequences: The United Nations was formed with the mission to facilitate cooperation with international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and work towards the achievement of world peace. Since the CCP became a member, this mission has been derailed. Many righteous initiatives brought forward by the United States and its allies have been thwarted, obstructed or vetoed by the CCP.

Case III: Trade or Human Rights?

Background: In 1990’s, the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern European communist regimes exerted tremendous pressure on the CCP. After the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, foreign investment in China dropped dramatically. Apart from international condemnation, the CCP was placed under trade sanctions on the condition that it improves in upholding basic human rights.

America’s Options: A) Continue to demand improvement in the human rights situation in China and use more economic sanctions if conditions did not improved. B) Down play the CCP’s human rights abuses in favor of trade benefits.

America’s Choice – Trade: The United States mistakenly thought lifting trade sanctions would result in the CCP’s willingness to improve its human rights records. Clinton extended MostFavored-Nation Trade Status to China in 2000. China was granted Permanent Normal Trade Relations in 2001. Such developments propelled communist China into the eligibility for membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Negative Consequences: Although the CCP joined the WTO, it has never played by the rules. Additionally, human rights abuses by the CCP have continued to worsen. By 2010, using forced slave labor, China became the world’s leading provider of manufactured goods and together with currency manipulation, succeeded in pushing down the price of products from other countries. Manufacturing sectors of many nations, including the United States, have been losing jobs.

By dumping huge amounts of super-low priced products made by forced slave labor onto markets around the world, the CCP has successfully undermined most competitors in the international market, including the United States. The CCP has achieved tremendous success in its worldwide predatory economic war and ideological invasion. Unlike the previous two world wars, the success of the CCP has been actively facilitated by the United States, the United Kingdom and others in the international community.

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