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Declare Victory Over the Unrestricted Warfare Waged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – Chapter Four

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Chapter Four: The Communist Specter has Comprehensively Infiltrated the Entire World

1. Two Major Routes of the Communist Evil Specter’s Infiltration

1.1 Violent Revolutions

In 1848, Karl Marx published the “The Manifesto of the Communist Party”. The evil specter of communism seized power through violent means and successfully usurped political power in the Russia, Mainland China and other countries. Then Red China is used as the stronghold to launch “unrestricted warfare” against the United States and other countries.

The evil specter of communism has also transformed and split into many individual entities. In 1884, the same year that Marx died, the Illuminati established the “Fabian Society” in London, England, with the purpose, by means of gradual infiltration, of eroding Western political systems, family values and especially people’s belief in the Divine. Though later abandoned, the original logo of Fabian Society was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, signifying cheating and wearing down the enemies by attrition but striking hard when time comes. This is in line with the characteristics of communism. There have also been other communist organizations or forces developing in Western countries. At present, most countries in the West have already become “quasi-socialist” states. Alarmingly, the communists have already succeeded in manipulating the many people in this country into giving up their faith in the Divine.

2. The CCP’s Global Infiltration

1.2 Insidious and Gradual Infiltration in the West

2.1 Exporting Military Revolutions

By using the Korean War and the Vietnam War and supporting the Khmer Rouge, the CCP successfully exported revolutions to North Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, and turned them into communist states. However, when exporting revolutions to some countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar, the CCP was opposed by the local governments, and it also brought gory catastrophes to the local Chinese people. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Chinese people were killed by local governments or mobs, while their rights to do business and to be educated were restricted in the region. However, the Chinese Communist regime turned a blind eye to the plight of the persecuted Chinese people.

The CCP has also exported revolutions to Latin America and Africa, and has fostered many communist organizations in the region to subvert the local governments. So far, in Latin American countries, the local communist parties are mostly “legitimate”. In Venezuela, Chile and Uruguay, the local communist parties have formed various kinds of alliances with the ruling parties to form the governments. So they are participating parties in government affairs.

2.2 Global Infiltration of the CCP’s “Sharp Power”

1) Global Infiltration – the CCP’s Ambition is to Take Over the World

The CCP leaders have long expressed their desire to control the world. Even when China was very poor, the CCP propaganda machine always brain washed peoples by saying that “our mission is to liberate the entire human race”. At the end of 20th century, the CCP brought out the concept of “China Century”. “China Century means the whole world is led and arranged by our party, not only in ideology culture economy and politics, but also in organizations.” In recent years, the CCP leader continuously reiterate that the essence of Marxism is the “liberation of the entire human race”.

The CCP takes political actions through transnational or non-governmental organizations to manipulate the policy changes in another country.

In contrast to the West’s “soft power”, which is the influence of a country through its culture and economy, the CCP’s “sharp power” is the influence and control over other countries through its “unrestricted warfare” of espionage, media control, cyber warfare, economic subversion and other means.

It is the CCP’s innate trait to view the United States as its natural enemy. In order to maintain its rule, the CCP must take away the Chinese people’s rights and freedom, whereas the United States has always been the beacon of human rights and freedom. Therefore, the CCP’s survival depends on sabotaging the United States. Any attempt of the U.S. to partner with the CCP will backfire because the CCP does not “play by the rules”.

2) CCTV-9: CCP’s Mouthpiece for Global Infiltration

CCTV-NEWS (formerly known as CCTV-9) is the CCP’s official 24-hour English-language channel launched in year 2000. In 2004, CCTV began broadcasting in Spanish and French. The goal is to make CCTV-NEWS the equivalent to CNN, as a global media company with 24-hour news coverage. However, CCTV-NEWS is the mouthpiece for the CCP to express its perspectives on international affairs and its Party-line perspectives on the Chinese affairs. The station has no editorial independence. CCTV-NEWS journalists are under constant pressure to present a positive image of China. While CCTV-NEWS is allowed to broadcast in the United States, CNN is not allowed in China.

3) The Confucius Institutes: an Important Part of the CCP’s Overseas Propaganda Setup

More than 2,000 years ago, Confucius opened a school to teach students and to impart Confucianism to the society. With the replacement of the dynasties, the indoctrination of Confucius has always been passed on. Confucius is considered one of the founders of the Chinese culture. In 1971, the CCP launched a fierce campaign against Confucius. The millennialold Temple of Confucius was destroyed and an enormous amount of books were burned. However, today’s CCP has placed Confucius on the central stage of its global infiltration.

In February 2010, during a secret meeting of the CCP, Hu Jintao said, “Through establishing Confucius Institutes around the world, we can expand the Party’s influence. Through these Chinese-language schools, we can pick out those people that hold the same views as the Party and turn them into the Party’s active supporters. We build Confucius Institutes, not because all of a sudden we start liking Confucius. This is one way for us to develop: through Party schools, administrative organizations, universities and overseas Chinese-language schools, we form a complete system. Our cadres are the most important ‘soft power’. In the future, when the era of the CCP arrives, our Party’s influence will be all over the world. The comrades that we identify now will become the main force for the future.” The first Confucius Institute in the United States was established in the University of Maryland in 2006. As of January 2012, there were 358 Confucius Institutes and 500 Confucius Classrooms in 105 countries and regions.

At present, the Confucius Institutes have been fiercely resisted in the United States, Canada and many other countries, which indicates that the Western world has begun to pay attention to the CCP’s infiltration.

4) Overseas Espionage

The CCP’s Department of the United Front Line, the International Department of the CCP Central Committee, the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Military Department of the People’s Liberation Army all have a large number of intelligence agents. These agents gather information on potentially useful figures, including Western governmental officials, businessmen, well-known scholars and leaders of overseas Chinese communities and their relatives.

The CCP’s intelligence agency is the largest, most amorphous and most active in the world. From government agents to any overseas Chinese individuals, students and CEOs alike, all can become the CCP’s active intelligence assets. According to defected Chinese spies, the regime’s main target for espionage is the United States.

5) Overseas Chinese Communist Party Branches

The CCP has established Communist Party branches in many American universities and other institutions, and has used this method to brainwash the Chinese international students and the public. This kind of activities are illegal in the United States.

6) The Overseas Fifth Columns

The CCP’s rehearsals of forming large-scale assemblies and mobilizing its fifth column personnel in the United States were completed in 2008. The Chinese embassy and consulates in the U.S. can mobilize several thousand Chinese individuals to participate in various activities at any time.

A) Attacks on Falun Gong practitioners

Since May 2008, on many occasions, tens of thousands of CCP mobsters have appeared in Flushing, New York, attacking and vituperating the Falun Gong practitioners there. The peak period lasted for more than a month, during which time one or two thousand CCP mobsters would rush from all over the United States to Flushing to participate in the attacks every day. Peng Keyu, the CCP’s consul general in New York, even admitted on the phone that he personally directed and supported the various Chinese groups in Flushing in the so-called “fight against Falun Gong”.

B) In April 2008, in front of the CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, several thousand Chinese people gathered together to protest against CNN commentator Jack Cafferty’s comments on the CCP regime.

C) In the 2008 Olympic torch relay, the red oceans formed by the CCP’s bloody red flags (which is said by the CCP to be “soaked with the communist revolutionaries’ blood”) appeared in San Francisco and other cities.

D) The red oceans of the CCP’s bloody flags still appear in Flushing from time to time

According to some sources, the CCP has influence over several hundred thousand Chinese people living in the Greater New York area of the United States. And it can mobilize 100,000 Chinese individuals in America when needed. The scale and lethality of the damage this can bring the United States will be much larger than any other terrorist organization imaginable.

7) “China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPR)” of the CCP’s United Front

The China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPR) self-claims to be a non-governmental organization for the peaceful reunification of China and Taiwan, but it is actually a united front organization under the Department of the United Front Line of the CCP’s Central Committee. This organization frequently carries out activities in the mainstream societies and among politicians in many countries. In the name of a “non-governmental organization (NGO)”, they have set up many branches in different countries around the world to establish and develop political alliances with the CCP being the leader. Their work focuses on advancing the CCP’s strategy of forming political alliances around the whole world, cooperating with the CCP from inside of their host countries, creating public opinion and imperceptibly affecting the strategic decisions of their host countries, in order to enhance the CCP regime’s influence and control over the world.

8) Cyber Warfare

The CCP’s hackers are capable of attacking and paralyzing Internet traffic, financial institutions and communications. George Tenet, former Director of Central Intelligence, once stated that in the late 1990s, the CCP regime had already obtained information on the United States’ most advanced nuclear weapons.

According to the 2011 McAfee report, from 2006 to 2010, more than 70 governments, international organizations, national defense contractors, corporations and think tanks were hacked, many by China-based hackers.

Larry Wortzel, former commissioner and chairman of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, said that the CCP regime had gathered through espionage a great quantity of information on stealth technology, submarine propulsion systems, electronic warfare systems and nuclear weapons.

In recent several years, a large amount of information about these weapons and equipment has been transformed into weapon systems mastered by the CCP. What’s particularly shocking is that in 2015, the U.S. government discovered that the CCP had stolen detailed personal information of more than 22 million U.S. government officials and their families and friends through the Internet. This information has been used by the CCP to control the U.S. government’s operations on all aspects, and the national security of the United States has been greatly threatened.

9) Production of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Support for North Korea

Although the development of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) is prohibited by international treaties, since the CCP is notorious for not following any rules, nobody can guarantee that the CCP has not been developing any WMD’s. Recently discovered evidence shows that the CCP has been conducting human experiments with Falun Gong practitioners and Chinese prisoners of conscience.

The North Korean Communist regime has been ignoring the international rules and playing around with the United States and other Western countries, in order to continue developing its missiles and nuclear weapons. The support provided to North Korea by the CCP behind the scenes has been playing a key role. Recently discovered evidence shows that the CCP has been double-faced in dealing with the West and supporting North Korea, whose nuclear threat has become a reality.

10) Manipulation of Other Countries through Despicable Means

The CCP regime has made other countries silent on the issue of its human rights violations through despicable diplomatic means and economic transactions. As the Irish statesman Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The CCP’s control over other countries is obtained not only through the above-mentioned bribery and intimidation with its knowledge of the detailed personal information of the government officials at all levels, but also through various other means, including economic operations, temptations and frauds.

2.3 The Belt and Road Initiative and other economic control in the world

The Belt and Road Initiative is a program started in 2013. The program has been promoted by the CCP as helping to connect the countries in Eurasia continent and Southeast Asia. After 5 years, it has turned out to be debt traps for many countries and ways to control the countries along the way for semi-permanent use and new-style colonization. Most importantly, it is an another way for the CCP to export the corruption on the moral structures in the countries involved, this align with the Evil Specter’s final goal of destroying the humanity (see next section).

In addition, the CCP has gained in the Initiative in many ways:

1) Making huge amount of money out of thin air. The money supply in China is far more than any other country in the world in comparison to the size of its GDP, except some collapsing countries such as Venezuela, Zimbabwe etc. Yet, the CCP has been using the housing market as the storage pool for the huge supply. In the process of “one belt, one road” , much of the huge oversupply of the money has been turned into real wealth by “loaning” this freely printed money to those countries on the Belt and Road. Since the Renminbi has been pegged with the US dollars, the face value of the Renminbi of these loans is much much bigger than the actual value. These “loans” have been used to buy materials from China, and to pay the Chinese workers in the infrastructure projects in these countries. And it thus renders the second gain for the CCP.

2) Exporting the overcapacity to the world which delays the crisis/collapsing of China’s economy. China’s economy lacks innovation or key technical elements that can sustain the economy for the long run. This is much due to the evil nature of the CCP which doesn’t really know how to run the economy in a healthy way and overall corruption of the morality of the entire nation. Much of the growth is derived from building, demolition and rebuilding the housing market, other infrastructure projects. Government spending (much of it is corruption, which is a major part of China’s economy) and investment in infrastructure and housing are among the main means of developing the economy. The diminishing returns on the investment has causes the CCP to continuously print more money to keep it going.

3) Debt trapping and colonizing the smaller countries. Sri Lanka has lost its control over port of Hambantota to the CCP for 99 years due to its being unable to repay the loan from the CCP. The agreement of the construction of the port is a typical case of the CCP trickery. Cambodian city, Sihanoukville, is turning into a Chinese enclave.

4) Military bases building up overseas for the military expansion. Cambodia has yielded three ports and 20% of its sea lines to the CCP, making the access to South China Sea much easier. The controlling of Cambodia, Burma and Sri Lanka has made the CCP easy control over Malacca Strait, a life line for the ocean transportation for many countries. The control over Pakistan make the easy access and control over the oil supply from the Middle East and to Central Asia.

5) Controlling Africa. China has diplomatic relations with 53 out of 54 African countries and these countries votes in UN and other international organs have greatly increased the CCP’s influence in the world. The CCP’s economic and military existence in Africa has been taking bigger and bigger shares. The CCP owns some 40% of Sudan’s major oil company and is investing in pipelines and other support for the industry, it also deploys Troops in South Sudan to Defend Oil Fields, Workers.

6) Controlling Central and South America. The Port of La Union in El Salvador has been under the control of the CCP. A Chinese company has bought the largest port in Panama at Margarita Island. The threat to the US has been posed directly at the backyard.

3. The Infiltration in the World by other branches of Communist Forces

The editorial board of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party has published How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World that outlines how the evil specter of communism has already comprehensively infiltrated the entire world.

The communist forces mentioned in this book include all branches of communism, not just the CCP. The main strategy of all these branches is identical to the CCP’s agenda in mainland China. Although their respective approaches may differ, the results are the same as those obtained by the CCP in China. In the United States, there are those who have connections with and support the CCP’s agenda, thereby adding to the damage of US interests.

Communist forces act to weaken and eradicate traditional human values in all cultures and sever mankind’s connection with the Divine through gradually changing all aspects of society at every level. In the past several decades, they have fundamentally changed the thinking of many people. Essentially speaking, human beings are already in an extremely dangerous state. From a moral and ethical standpoint, many people may have already become “sub-human” and have lost the opportunity to be saved by the Divine.

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