Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party

Chapter Eight :Conclusions and Implications for the World’s People

The Tuidang movement not only helps the Chinese people stay away from communism by “quitting the Party to save oneself,” but, at the same time, helps the world’s people realize the extent of existing infiltration and control of many societies by communist forces. Upon understanding the truth about the evil specter of communism, humanity can be saved from destruction.

Today, at this special historic moment, the free world is being given another chance to stand strong together and eliminate the last communist stronghold from the earth once and for all, while, at the same time, leading humanity away from control by the evil communist specter. By thoroughly understanding the CCP’s evil nature, the international community can completely rid itself of any lingering fantasy that the CCP will change toward goodness. After abandoning false hope, the international community can choose to resist temptations of the evil CCP and protect universal human values, ethics and morality.

The free world can only remain “free” by upholding human morality. The kind people of the world who cherish freedom of heart, mind and soul will realize that the Tuidang movement is humanity’s path towards a better future. At the same time, as people reflect on their own deviation from the morality of Divinely-bestowed culture, all can rebuild the moral code of humanity and rekindle sincere veneration of the Divine. In this way, the future of mankind will be bright and wonderful with blessing and salvation from the Divine.