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Shameful to stand by the side of the evil Chinese Communist Party, more Chinese are Wakening up to Quit the CCP


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More people are seeing the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) movement (Tuidang movement) amid the surge of quitting the CCP. It’s becoming more clear in the human world that Heaven will eliminate the CCP.

An increasing number of Chinese people are denouncing the CCP and all its affiliated organizations, such as the Young Pioneers and Communist Youth League. In quitting the CCP, they will be saved from being disintegrated with the CCP when Heaven eliminates it.

Sheng Zhang, a Chinese Canadian, recently called the Global Quit CCP Service Centre (Tuidang Center) and requested to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He shares his experiences below.

The CCP is Devoid of Conscience

Zhang lived in mainland China for several decades before moving to Canada. During his time in China, he experienced political movements, turmoil, and atrocities brought about by the CCP.

“All of its political movements and campaigns were carried out via lies to stir up people’s hatred, followed by brutal persecution to quash its designated enemies,”  he said.

He said that China has had a long history of venerating Heaven and Gods, which sets it in stark contrast to the atheist CCP—a threat to human nature and an evil demon that is anti-human.

The CCP since its inception has committed countless crimes and is devoid of conscience. He said that anyone who still has a conscience would feel shameful to stand with the CCP.

“The CCP was founded on lies, brutality, and hatred. Its logo, a sickle and hammer on a bloody red flag, is testament to its evil nature of killing and bloodthirst,” he said. “The red CCP does not allow judicial independence. It is obsessed with bringing terror and atrocities to the nation. The CCP is the most evil cult.”

He shared about how traditional Chinese characters were divinely imparted from Heaven, with deep culture and history imbued therein. But the CCP modified the traditional characters to simplified characters, seeking to cut off the ties between human and the divine, he said.

“It it not surprising that Chinese people today who have been brainwashed by the CCP culture do not believe in Gods. Nor do they hold firm to the idea that goodness and evilness have their respective consequences.”

“The CCP even seeks to harvest organs from its people,” he noted. “Only demons would commit such an evil atrocity.”

Prior to moving to Canada, Zhang, a Christian, heard that Falun Gong, a spiritual practice, was very effective in improving a person’s wellbeing. Many people learned the practice but the CCP soon started a crackdown of the practice. Before the persecution that started in July 1999, Zhang had thought that the CCP would target Falun Gong because he believed the CCP could not tolerate that so many people follow Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance—the principles of Falun Gong.

He said that Jiang Zemin, the CCP leader from 1993 to 2003, had singlehandedly ordered the persecution of Falun Gong. “It is very evil to carry on the persecution by means of smearing their reputation, cutting off income and suffering from physical torture to give up their beliefs,” he said.

The Appeasement Policy of the West Strengthened the CCP 

Zhang remarked that those living in the West generally have faith in God, value freedom and democracy, and safeguarding humanity. However, amid a trend of declining morality, it is hard for democracy to play a positive role, he said.

The CCP in recent years has be infiltrating the West through various means. Some of the many ways the CCP has sought to infiltrate and influence the Western world include: Espionage, drug trafficking, counterfeit currencies, educational exchange programs, sister cities, Chinese consulates, various organizations, media outlets, pro-CCP netizens, WeChat, CCP virus (novel coronavirus), and Confucius institutes.

Many Westerners have been indifferent to what is happening and have not been able to detect the deceit, nor tell good from bad amid the infiltration, Zhang said.

“Some Westerners are just after vested interests and do not care about morality and justice,” he aid. “They invested and cooperated with the CCP, strengthening it financially and economically for so long to make it powerful such that it can do whatever it wants. These Westerners are playing culprit to the situation.”

As a person of Christian faith, Zhang said that according to the Bible, Eve was seduced by a demon and ate the apple from the tree. He said that human beings can be so easily deluded. He said that people’s disbelief in God and ever-declining morality today are two factors that exacerbated the global spread of the CCP virus.

President Donald Trump has said many times that in America, people do not pay tribute to the government—they pray to God. When the White House declared a national emergency status in March 13, Trump announced March 15 as National Prayer Day and called on all Americans to express gratitude to God and seek help from God for protection and power.

Zhang said, “This is the right way to go. America’s belief system is based on Christianity. God is very important to us.”

In mainland China today, many young generations only seek to immerse themselves in self-amusement rather than pay attention to history and the future. True history has been covered by falsehoods peddled by the CCP, which serves to uproot Chinese people’s belief in God.

The young generations, especially those growing up in mainland China, must read the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” to find clarity from the lies woven by the CCP, Zhang said. They must read the publication to learn how to uphold traditional values and to become a person of integrity and honesty, he said.

Battling the CCP From the West 

The Epoch Times in November 2004 published the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” a book that exposes the evil nature of the Communist Party. The book points out that the Communist Party is against the nature of the universe and has the ultimate goal of destroying the entire human race.

Since the book’s publication, making the “Three Withdrawals”—withdrawing from the CCP, the Communist Youth League (for people 14-28 years old) and/or the Young Pioneers (for children 7-14 years old)—have become an important movement in modern Chinese history to wake up people’s conscience.

As of Aug. 20, 2020, the number of those who have made the three withdrawals has reached 360 million people—about 25.6 percent of China’s population, or one out of every four people have quit the CCP.

The CCP virus, which originated from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, has spread around the globe rapidly, due to the CCP having mishandled the crisis. As of Aug. 18, the CCP virus has reached 189 countries with at least 2,221,117 confirmed cases and 781,093 deaths. Due to the CCP’s fabricated COVID-19 figures, the actual number could be much higher.

The CCP virus pandemic has jolted leaders of many countries in the west awake. It has become a trendd for Western countries, led by America, to fight against the CCP and seek justice.

Since news emerged that the United States would stop the entry of CCP members and their families, the google search term “Quit CCP” has exponentially increased. Evidence showed that there have been an increasing number of Chinese people contacting the Tuidang Center to Quit the CCP and obtain a certificate to confirm the move.

The Tuidang Center was founded in 2005 and has since Aug. 18, 2020, begun offering online services to Quit the CCP and obtain a certificate.

Yi Rong, the president of Tuidang Center, said on Aug. 18 that in an era of global demand to seek justice from the CCP, Chinese people ca be certain that the Tuidang Center’s certificate proves that they have cut off ties from the CCP. She also said that the certificate can also is an important reference document for other relevant government officials when applying for immigration or entry into the United States.

Please visit for details of the online certificate of quitting the CCP.

Yi Rong, the president of the center, expressed on 18th August that in an era of global demand to seek justice from the CCP, Chinese people can rest assured if you have obtained a certificate proving the cut-off of ties from the evil CCP regime. The certificate can also be used as an important reference document for other relevant government offices when you apply for immigration or entry into America. 

Please visit for details of the online certificate of quitting the CCP. 

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