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Special Editorial – A Critical Moment in History

by The Tuidang Center (Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party)

A wind-blown US Flag in the Washington Monument.(by Chris Hardy -

The United States stands at a critical moment in history. Factors of the specter of socialism and communism are trying to subvert the great democratic system of the United States, trying to steal the election in the United States.

Only a short while ago, the United States was widely recognized as the greatest country on earth. The democratic system and the rule of law in the United States have guaranteed world peace and ensured a bright future for all of humanity. The reason the United States is so powerful is that the founders of this nation laid out the fundamental principles: respect freedom of belief, freedom of speech, democracy, and the rule of law. The nation was founded upon a firm belief in the existence of God. All of these stand in contradiction, by nature, to the evil communism that has flooded the world.

As history has come to today, all the activities in our society have manifested as a great struggle between the forces of good and evil in the universe.

This election is not only about the re-election of President Donald Trump. It is the war between good and evil in the universe, manifested in the human world.

Over many years, the factors of the specter of communism and the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have regarded the United States as their mortal enemy. They have plotted the decline of morality among all nations through blackmail, bribery, corruption, violence, deceit, and the destruction of traditions. They have infiltrated the United States and the entire world through pervasive evil means. Their evilness has its influence in all fields in society including, politics, business, culture, technology, education, media, and nongovernmental organizations. Through wicked means, they have beaten the United States black and blue. Their evil purpose is to force all nations and all people of the world to stand in opposition to God. This is the work of the evil that aims to destroy human beings. This dying specter of communism has reached its peak of madness. Its evil is expressed in the chaos of this election.

We, the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party, firmly resist communist infiltration into this U.S. election. We support all legal actions undertaken against alleged fraud in the election process.

We believe, no matter how crazy the evil acts, it will only last a short while. All righteous deities will not stand by. Justice will prevail. President Donald Trump is carrying God’s mission and leading the United States back to tradition, disintegrating the CCP. President Donald Trump carries the mission given by God to lead the people.

All righteous forces in this world will certainly stand with President Trump. Chinese people and billions of people around the world who have been victimized by communism will stand together with President Trump.

On July 1, 2017, President Trump at a speech at Freedom University said, “American people don’t worship the government. We worship God.”

Let us pray to God together that the Creator will help awaken people’s sense of justice and conscience in this difficult time, provide people with wisdom, protect the United States and the people of the world, and lead all of the humankind towards a bright future.

May the Creator bless the United States and make the United States great again!

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