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“Quit the CCP”: The Largest Grassroots Movement in China Today

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On Oct 2, the US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a policy alert that said: “Unless otherwise exempt, any immigrant who is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party, domestic or foreign, is inadmissible to the United States.”

This news immediately sparked huge responses amongst Chinese people both inside and outside China.  The number of people who requested a Quit CCP certificate from the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party jumped up dozens of times. Today we have the pleasure to invite the president of the Quit CCP Center based in New York, Mrs. Yi Rong, to talk to us over the phone about this Quit the CCP movement, and how this movement is changing China and Chinese people, as well as how the world can help with this movement. 

Jennifer: Hi Yi Rong, Could you please give us a short introduction of your center and the Quit CCP Movement?

Yi Rong: Okay. Our center is called the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party. It is also called the Tuitang Center. It was established in 2005. Our mission is to facilitate the Chinese people to quit from the Chinese Communist Party, and the affiliated organizations, such as the Chinese Communist Young Pioneers, Chinese Communist Youth League. We help the Chinese people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations for the past 16 years. And now, the number of people who have quit the CCP has reached 365 million. 

Jennifer: Wow,  that’s an incredible number. We all know that the Chinese Communist Party has very tight control over the internet and information. How did you manage to reach so many people inside China? Are there any interesting stories that you can share?

Yi Rong: There are a large number of volunteers inside China, and there is very tight control of the Communist Party. A lot of our volunteers are persecuted and have been put into prison, and or the brainwashing centers in China. If the regime has a looser control of the firewall, and the number of Chinese people who quit will increase in large numbers. Most of the volunteers have experienced certain persecution inside China.

Jennifer: So do you know any particular stories or any particular person who has been put in jail, or how many years they’ve been sentenced for doing this?

Yi Rong: Yeah, we know some of them. There are a lot of publications in the And we’re also met some of the volunteers. They escaped from China to New York, to the United States and other countries. They also have the experience of being persecuted because they spread the truth materials such as Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party. And also, because they help the Chinese, ask the Chinese people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party,  they got sentenced, or they were put into forced labor camps or brainwashing centers. We have many cases, even in New York.

Jennifer: Could you give us a rough estimation of how many volunteers you have inside China?

Yi Rong: Inside China, I think,  most of the Falun Gong practitioners are doing the same thing. They spread the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, and also spread the news about quitting the Chinese Communist Party. Everybody, almost everybody, has been doing the same thing, millions of people, volunteers inside China are doing that. And also we have a lot overseas.

Jennifer: So do you have any idea about how many there are in overseas countries?

Yi Rong: We have over 100 places outside of China. We have truth-booth in all the large cities, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, European countries, the United States, Canada, Japan…many, many countries, and we have over 100 places, and truth-booth. People, volunteers are doing the same thing for the past 15 years. 

Jennifer: So how do you look at the recent policy change about not allowing the CCP members to migrate to the US? 

Yi Rong: The Tuidang Center welcomes this US policy, which is very positive to promote the Tuitang Movement. We welcome that.  I think it has a great impact on the Chinese, especially Chinese who are already in the United States.

Jennifer: From what you can see,  how has this policy changed Chinese people’s attitudes and their behavior, and what do they think now? 

Yi Rong: My observation is that, from the telephone calls, from the email contacts, we can see that a lot of Chinese, they are asking the Tuidang Center about how can I identify, that they are not a party member, how they can withdraw (from the CCP), and how they can get a certificate from the Tuidang Office. And also from the other side, we can see, there are a lot of people you know pro-CCP organizations in the United States, especially in Chinatown,  Chinese communities. Those people were active during the so-called Chinese National Day or some of the events. They were very active, and they want to express to the CCP that they are pro-CCP. But now,, we can hardly see those people. They’re no longer active. This is a very good sign because they’re afraid that the United States may identify them as communist spies, or communist members, so they will be deported back to China.

Jennifer: So you’re basically saying some of these people who were previously very pro-CCP dare not show their support anymore,  or have they really changed their minds, or attitudes, or what they think about the CCP?

Yi Rong: I think most of the Chinese, I don’t think they really love CCP, or they really want to give their lives to the CCP regime. However, because of the regime’s tight control of the people’s future, their working,  their economic benefits, and their children, their families. So, it’s because they’re very afraid of the persecution, and also because they want to pursue the economic benefits. So they joined the CCP. Right now, they can say the great changes in the international environment. And I hope they can feel the collapse of the CCP government is coming soon. I think this is a very good sign, to awaken the Chinese people to get rid of the CCP. It’s a good opportunity for them to think, and to really act, to withdraw from the CCP organizations.

Jennifer: You’ve been doing this for over 15 or 16 years. So during all these years, how has the Quit CCP Movement changed Chinese people’s hearts and minds,  as far as you can see?

Yi Rong: Yeah, this is a very good question. This is the gradual process of awakening Chinese people.  At the very beginning, people, most of the people are very scared, and afraid of the persecution. As the movement going on,  spread to many Chinese, inside China, outside China, as more and more people withdraw from the CCP organizations, those people become braver, bolder in their actions. And even inside China, recently, you can see many anti-persecution events happening in all provinces of China. In recent years, they even shout, “Down with the CCP!” something like that (打倒共產黨). So it is hard to imagine that, like, 15 years ago, it wouldn’t happen. But right now, people dare to say “ CCP, go away!”, “No more CCP!” and “Eliminate the CCP” inside China, in Hong Kong. That’s a very big change.

Jennifer: Yeah, you mentioned that you started this movement in 2005. That was 15 years ago. I think at that time, most of the people, many people in the world, especially in the West, regarded the CCP as a benign force,  or as a strategic partner.  So how did you start this type of movement at that time? What made you realize the CCP’s threat and danger so early on?

Yi Rong: We’re just thankful to the Epoch Times. The Epoch Tims has published an editorial series for the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party. This book, the publication, from a very broad and deep vision, exposes the CCP’s evil nature and its destructive nature to the society, and to the free world. I think this is very helpful. The spread of these Nine Commentaries, awakening people. It’s a good move to help the Chinese, to help the Chinese people get freedom from the CCP control. China without the communist,  without the communist regime, will bring peace and prosperity to the free world. 

Jennifer: How difficult is it for your volunteers to convince people that they should withdraw from the Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers? What kind of things,  or words, or reasons do you use to convince them? 

Yi Rong: I think it’s a long process. We have people, like volunteers,  by telephone calling from the overseas to mainland China, and we have volunteers talking to people, and they also, like writing the words in the Chinese banknote currency, like “退黨保平安”, “Quit the Party, and You Will Be Safe”, something like that. Some of the Chinese still have some morals, still keep some moral standards,  still believe that there is God, or Buddha, immortals will watch their minds and actions. So I think, (there are) various, many, many means, to help Chinese people, to persuade them to believe what we say. And so they finally agreed to quit, or by themselves, to register.

Jennifer: Is it easier to convince overseas Chinese people than convincing people who are still in China to quit the CCP? 

Yi Rong: I think it depends on the people we meet. In China, both inside China & outside China, some people are easy to listen to and are willing to quit. Even after one or two sentences, (they’ll say) Okay, I agree to you, you can give me a nickname (to quit), something like that. It depends. Some people, even (they are) overseas, they (got) education in the United States,  they still watch, like CCTV(China Central Television) news or, China Daily,  something like that. So they’re still being brainwashed, willing to…they are brainwashed. Those people, even outside China, (it’s) still not very easy to convince them.

Jennifer: So you are saying that there is no difference between overseas Chinese or Mainland Chinese, and it really depends on what kind of media they are still watching, whether they are inside or outside of China. Is that what you are trying to say? 

Yi Rong: Yeah, I think it is important. It depends on the people, also the brainwashing, what kind of media they are influenced (by). 

Jennifer: So in this sense, do you think that the US government should impose more restrictions on the CCP, in terms of allowing them to spread their official propaganda to the United States?

Yi Rong: Yeah, of course. We don’t like the CCP’s propaganda influencing the Western world. I think before the CCP propaganda was very strong. Xinhua news agency, they put a very big ad in Times Square. So, the CCP’s propaganda is very strong and has a very strong influence on the Western world. I also call for the US government and western societies to stop,  and not to allow the CCP propaganda media to enter into the United States to influence the free world. 

Jennifer: Okay, so you’re basically saying that even if the Chinese people are physically inside the United States, but if the information they are consuming is still from the CCP, they will still be very much pro-CCP, and it’s very hard to convince those kinds of people to quit the CCP. Is that correct? 

Yi Rong: Yes,  correct. I do think so. 

Jennifer: Many people now are worrying, if the CCP is gone, China will be in chaos, and ordinary Chinese people will suffer, or have a difficult time building up a new system.  So what’s your thought on this? 

Yi Rong: I think this is propaganda by the CCP regime. It’s trying to stop Chinese people to quit, to withdraw from the party. Right now I think the US government is doing very well because they already separate the Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party. This is very important.

Jennifer: So how can the public in the West help with bringing positive changes in China, and how can they help your movement and the Chinese people?

Yi Rong: I think the United States, the government, they prevent the Chinese Communist members to enter the United States,  or to be naturalized. This is a very positive policy. This will also promote our mission, and to help Chinese people to think, to quit from the Chinese Communist Party. I think this policy and the more cases of ex-CCP members being deported back to China,  or not allow them to naturalize because they’re Communist (party) members. Those cases happening will help the people to think, and to quit from the CCP. This will help. And we call for the US government, and also other Western society to help the Tuidang movement. The Tuidang moment is the largest grassroots movement in China today. So, I think any support will be helpful. 

Jennifer: Do you think if the West helps to tear down the CCP’s Great FireWall, do you think that will help?

Yi Rong: This will be a very big step. That will help many  Chinese to get free information to get freedom and to get freedom. Free information will help them to quit (the CCP) much easier.

Jennifer: So how can the general public help? 

Yi Rong: Tuidang Center,  we started a petition like the End CCP petition. It’s also called Eliminate the Chinese Communist Party. There is a petition, an online petition initiated by our organization. I call for the general public to sign the petition to support.

Also, this will support the Chinese people also to quit the CCP.  No more CCP. We don’t want any Chinese Communist Party. This helps the Chinese people, and also will help the western world. 

Jennifer: So your website is 

Yi Rong: Yeah. 

Jennifer: Thank you so much!

Yi Rong: Thank you very much!

Jennifer: OK, that’s my interview with Yi Rong.  If you know any Chinese people, please do pass this message to them, and ask them to quit the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers, which they once joined.  With the tide of history turning and shifting quickly now, that will be the wisest choice that they can make. And remember, the tide of history won’t wait for any individual either. Quit, before it’s too late.

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Thank you. See you soon. 

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